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Displaying Dissaproval Increases Attraction, Decreases Flakiness
October 26, 2014 – 4:30 am | No Comment

Social Psychology has a strange tendency to be counterintuitive, especially when it comes to attracting women. Culture and customs condition us towards automated communication, even if it’s kind of fake or phony.
“How’s your day?”
The person asking doesn’t care and the person responding is doing so robotically. Becoming an attractive man is about saying what you authentic, not what’s automated. Sure, at work it’s best to do what’s “normal” (avoid being a target if money is involved) but outside of that, you should hold yourself to a higher standard of expressing the truth.
With women this is crucial because it sets you apart from those who are friend-zoned. Women friend zone those who still feel the need to walk on eggshells around her or treat her too highly, politely using social customs and not being too provocative I.E. being predictable, normal, standard and boring. They are not being a CHALLENGE to the girl. They like her by default, thinking intuitively that liking her, complimenting her, and accepting her for who she is going to make her like them. WRONG!
Not being a challenge to a girl is like slathering yourself with friend zone butter, extra smooth! It’s boring for her. When someone blindly …

“Superhero in the Sack” bonus vid for Superhero Bulking product
August 16, 2014 – 10:03 pm | No Comment

This is a bonus video product I did for kinobody.com, it’s a private unlisted link and I’m letting you guys check it out for free
We go over what it takes to be great in bed, what it actually is that women are looking for when having sex with a guy, for the first time or otherwise, and what “high value” male sexual escalation looks like so a girl recognizes you as a boss and is sexually compliant to you
For more information on how to become a superhero with women, join my private one-on-one coaching program. For details look here:
“Manwhore’s Coaching Program for Dating Success“

Manwhore Teleconference #1 “Threesomes, Text Game, & Getting Laid w/ a Mellow Vibe”
May 26, 2014 – 4:47 pm | No Comment

Manwhore and the crew discuss how to have threesomes, how to text girls correctly, and how to get laid while maintaining a more chill, laid-back vibe.

Fear of Taking Control/Leading
April 16, 2014 – 10:42 pm | 2 Comments

As you push this you will continually suprise yourself with what happens. People are looking for you to lead them to a better place. They want you to be that guy.

When you’re in an interaction and you don’t know what to do, tell your ego/pain body whatever that little voice is to shut the fuck up, it has no place here. You know where you want the interaction to go; that little voice is just trying to get you to give the burden of leadership to the girl and ultimately a one way trip to youjizz after you go home alone.

Reviews of the Skype “How to get Laid” Long-Term Training Program with Manwhore
March 23, 2014 – 5:36 am | No Comment


This is the training program that teaches you Conversational Mastery, Verbal Seduction, Overwhelming Physical and Sexual Escalation Game (the kind of seduction no woman wants to resist), Demonic Frame Control, and even more mainstream skills like Public Speaking, Strong Vocal Projection, Time Management and Lifestyle Development. Reviews from guys who took the Skype training are below:

Why Being A “Douchebag” Gets You Laid
February 11, 2014 – 4:19 am | 7 Comments

This is an article I wrote three years ago but resurrected because it MUST be made commont knowledge. The idea is that the things that chodes/society talk shit on the MOST, are what will actually get you laid the most. Because when it comes to being successful in life whether it’s health/wealth/or love, most people are quite simply, crabs in a bucket, and they would rather talk shit, than work at something themselves.
Since becoming an experienced internet marketer, I’ve begun to unconsciously pay attention to trends and success streaks in my own life.. rather than before where I was haphazardly going thru life pell-mell, with no thought to planning or strategy, e.g. “natural” style. In actuality there are trends you start to notice, things that seriously stick out and can be emulated.
Back in college I wore a lot of wife beaters. I was a young guy who hit the gym a lot- I always had a strong “warrior” identity, and so kept myself lean, mean and agile. The attention I got from girls was a bonus, but damn it was a NICE bonus.
But then of course there were the fratstar chodes, the dudes who grouped together into their own self-limiting chode niches. …

NYC Bartender: Drama Game thru Text (MW texting convo sample)
January 23, 2014 – 8:20 am | No Comment

This is a text convo with a sexy ass Amazon NYC bartender I met on a trip with her family in Vegas a couple years back. Her brother was standing right next to us and apparently made a comment about how aggressive I was. I did not give one fuckity.
There’s a few things to learn from this convo. First and foremost it’s just absolutely ridiculous. When Alexander of Rsd used to talk about the concept of “deliberate illogicality” (which he invented), this is the kind of thing he’s referring to.
I’m also bold as fuck, but diffuse the tension very well. There’s even a point where I introduce another point of tension to take the attention away from an earlier point of tension that seems like it’s worse, when in actuality I knew exactly how to address it. I’m referring to the stripper/brother part of the convo it’s in the beginning. The convo starts off as I’m leaving the club I met her at. I find that when you have a good interaction with a girl and start texting her immediately, it really carries a lot of happy emotional momentum/investment into the text convo. This is super fucking important.
I also embedded a TON of social/lifestyle type stuff …

So you want to be a nice guy? Well it’s not what you think..
January 16, 2014 – 10:40 pm | No Comment
So you want to be a nice guy? Well it’s not what you think..

A couple years back I broke into Michael Jackson’s cemetery with a Las Vegas MMA ring girl. We were going to get naughty on his gravestone. We didn’t know if we’d find it or not ‘cuz it was a big place, but we wanted to do the dew while Michael supervised. It was a really good idea, not that it worked out that way, but it was the thought that counted So we’re looking for a place to get down just nonchalantly wandering through this HUGE cemetery, and we come upon a big statue of the virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. I lead her towards it, holding her hand, and then throw her hand in the direction of the grass and tell her to get on her knees like a good little girl. She complies and I take my dick out and stick it in her mouth while telling her to suck it. She obliges and I began ramming her little mouth while whispering all kinds of sexual profanities at her. I tell her she’s going to get more cock than she can handle and to keep her mouth open because I’m going to take as long as I …

The Counselor (w/ Brad Pitt, Fassbender, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, & Penelop Cruz)
October 26, 2013 – 7:12 am | 2 Comments

Seems a lot of the critics are hating on it, but I think it’s because they’re sheep, and aren’t able to perceive the kind of “high status” way of displaying emotions and relating to other people the way they do in this movie.  They say there’s no character development.. I think it’s because they can’t recognize, or relate to someone who’s not fundamentally weak, or always vulnerable, or flawed in some way. It’s an all star cast, so these people are used to walking the walk, and most people would just never recognize it.
Anyways.. the movie was ALSO interesting because (spoiler alert) everyone had their one driving force.. the thing they cared most about in life.. and they were ALL taken down by the one thing they couldn’t/didn’t foresee.. a bonafide sociopath. Took them ALL down. And it got pretty damn ugly.
Some in the movie were motivated by greed, some for women, and some simply for love, but one was the most dangerous one of all.. to satisfy the blunt insatiable “simple” need to hunt and take.
This has been something of a topic of conversation with the RSD circle recently, because of recent events that affected some of us personally, as well as a …

“Sexting” Convo (naked pics) with a Dime Piece
October 25, 2013 – 5:28 am | 3 Comments

This is a girl I met outside the line at XS in the Wynn hotel. She was the typical Vegas dime piece, drop dead gorgeous with a green strapless dress over huge fake tits. When I see a girl like that in such easy logistics (just standing outside the club with a friend), I have to approach her.. I don’t give a fuck what my particular headspace is in at that moment. Anyways she comes onto me pretty quick and hard, asking me why we aren’t leaving together already. This made me think she might be a hooker so I kinda hesitated. Fucking derp. Should have whisked her out of there on the spot and been “wrong” later, lol. Come to find out she’s a registered nurse in San Diego. I’m an a$$hole
(The first text is the one I sent myself from her phone so I’d have her number lol)
Girl: Jon is sexy 
Me – 1 min later: Angelique is sexy too
Me – 3 hrs 56 mins later: What’s going on gorgeous we’re headed to a lil get together
Me – 20 hrs 32 mins later: Hi ms nurse
Me – 17 hrs 43 mins later: Watching the chargers game. Come be a party of the carnage. Orale!
Girl: Huh who is this
Me …

Being a Real Man Vs. Being a Player/Manipulator
September 8, 2013 – 6:39 pm | No Comment

I’ve been working with a new student, one who’s capable of so much, but has had certain success barriers holding him back. One of those being the idea that if he’s influencing his environment, e.g. leading, he’s intrinsically value-taking and is a “bad” person. This is obviously a very destructive mentality as this sort of headspace breeds a completely helpless life paradigm. When a person’s unwilling or afraid to step up and shape his own environment, he is doomed to be a bottom dweller.
Generally we do conversational leading and charisma development drills during my sessions, but this one was devoted almost solely to fleshing out the true paradigm of leadership and male charisma. His write-up of the session begins below:
Most people want a leader. Probably over 50% of the population wants a leader. They just crave it. I was born to be that leader. I need to surrender to that reality that I am a leader. All top 5% of people in the world are born to be leaders. I’m absolutely in that top 5%.
Beading a leader is morally neutral. There are good leaders and evil leaders. Luckily, I have the values of intelligence and kindness, genuinely caring about people. …

Vlog: How to Handle Cockblocking Monsters like a BOSS!
July 6, 2013 – 2:41 pm | No Comment

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Two NEW Elite Winging Tactics for Advanced Players: MW Vlog
June 6, 2013 – 6:37 pm | No Comment

Tandem LMR Busting and Leapfrogging: WARNING! Very advanced tactics, this is not for beginners

The 19 Rules of Great Text Game that You MUST Know!
May 26, 2013 – 3:03 am | 8 Comments

The Three Basic Principles of Text Game

1. The MAIN Point
The entire premise behind texting a girl is to get her on a date with you. And this is your main objective, there are other things you do over text, but they are ALL to support that main objective. Do not be a penpal.. pull the fucking trigger. Shoot her with your STGG 1000. (Solid Text Game Gun). Yes lots of guys want to know how to flirt over text, or make a girl like them, etc., but ALL of this can be done while handling your main objective ;). This article will teach you how.

2. Switch it up!
Not all of your texts can be about asking her to meet up. I know I said in the first one that it’s your prime directive, but if you do it too often, it will turn her off because you will look 1) needy 2) like you don’t have a regular life, and 3) you don’t know how to carry a normal conversation. A lot of guys mess this one up! Just because you had a good time with her when you met her does NOT mean you can just keep hammering away …

How To Talk To Girls
March 18, 2013 – 5:58 pm | 11 Comments
How To Talk To Girls

How to talk to girls

There are 3 main areas you must cover when learning how to talk to girls. They are: 1) Vocal Projection 2) “Lowering the Bar“, and 3) “Boss Daddy” Communication (instead of friend to friend)

1) Vocal Projection
When you talk to a girl, or a group of people, you must speak clearly, forcefully, and always have emotion in your voice. This conveys authority and conviction, two things that humans are hardwired to respond to with compliance. Most people think of an orator or a public speaker when envisioning someone with this kind of speaking ability. And they imagine they must have incredibly significant content to be “allowed” to speak with such power or conviction. But in actuality it has more to do with the physiological way in which the voice is projected (through use of lungs, diaphragm, and vocal cords to produce volume and “force” in the voice), rather than the content itself. Many public speakers and politicians, and even preachers, use incredibly simple rhetoric when speaking, yet are masters of vocal projection and therefore are incredibly compelling to listen to and watch. 

Good solid vocal projection is produced through: “diaphragmatic breathing” (proper breathing technique), “speaking cognizance“, and “modulated vocal …