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Social Rich, Market Poor
March 27, 2015 – 5:30 am | 7 Comments

One anomaly of my life has been that I remain Social Rich, even while I am often Market Poor.
Although the two can be attained at together, this article is about understanding the two separate systems at work.
Society screams that the opposite must be true, especially as a man. We all know the story; you need the right house and vehicle, career, and bank account balance to attract the right women for you.
That’s how it works, right? Isn’t that what being in or out of the right league means? Having the stuff and status you need to get the women or woman you want in your life?
The idea that you must be market rich, or have enough STUFF, before you can be social rich, or have high quality relationships. It’s rarely spelled out this clearly, yet isn’t that really the point of it all? Is there a man among us that hasn’t felt like he doesn’t have the right STUFF to attract the people he really wants in his life?
Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a reason why I have competed against investment bankers, tycoons, and other people slightly out of my league when we’re both interested in the …

A Comparison of Manwhore’s Skype Coaching versus NLP Training
March 23, 2015 – 3:04 pm | No Comment

In a world of increasing self development there are multiple ways of going about improving yourself. I myself, have gone through Manwhore’s Skype coaching and now I am working on becoming an internationally certified NLP Coach. NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming – a study of excellence that enables you to be the one in charge of your own life and to communicate with other people much more effectively.
I have decided to compare NLP and Skype coaching. Both methods are very effective and powerful. Moreover, both schools of thought have many similarities and also elements that make them unique.
Being the focus of attention and influencing people
Manwhore believes that to influence people and to be a social leader you need to have the right vocal projection, emotion in your voice while also needing to be comfortable in your own skin alongside being in your own reality and projecting that reality and authority onto others. The way he gets his students to reach this level of social competence is by series of drills designed to unstifle and bring out the natural personality of a socially successful person. I experienced this first hand and was amazed by the results. The way people treat you …

How To Conquer Negative Emotional States & Be Congruent
November 25, 2014 – 11:43 pm | 6 Comments

Emotional states can range anywhere from boundless inner joy to seemingly endless depression or angst. And then there’s all those little states in-between; impatience, boredom, excitement, satisfaction, sorrow, nostalgia, pleasure, heartbreak etc. The more aware I’ve become, the more I’ve noticed how many states I move through in just one day, let alone a week. It’s important for us masculine driven guys to not let these states distract us from our ultimate purpose and mission, even if the mission is as simple as grocery shopping.
We’re conditioned to judge ourselves when we have negative emotional states, whether it’s anger, frustration, depression, fear, sadness, etc. Men are especially considered “unmanly” when experiencing certain emotions. Many people have fanciful views of Enlightenment as the end of all negative states, and New Age philosophy backs this notion with the idea of staying positive all the time. First off, it’s unnatural not to have a range of emotions, second, this mentality promotes self-judgment and self-delusion. I’ve seen countless people deny their true feelings and intentions even to themselves, in the attempt to stay “positive” or seem “above it all”. Denying present emotion is no better than blaming others for your emotional state.
There’s pleasant and unpleasant …

Practical Presence for Players Part 1
November 16, 2014 – 12:20 am | One Comment

The Purpose of Practical Presence for Players
“Positive” thoughts in the mind create positive emotions in the body, and positive emotions in the body give rise to positive thoughts in the mind. Naturally, positive thoughts in the mind and emotions in the body create “positive” behaviors. Positive behaviors propel you forward in life with a purpose. They enable you to successfully reach your goals through overcoming challenges and hurdles.
But this isn’t going to be an article about the commonly-held notion of positive thinking. I am going to lay out a process by which you can take control of your thoughts and emotions, thereby taking control of your behavior and ultimately your life.
The foundation of realizing everything that you want in life as a man is presence. It is the bedrock of self-mastery and self-discipline. From the position of presence you create and allow positive thoughts in your mind, which in turn create positive emotions and generate positive behaviors. For the purposes of this series, I will be using the terms “presence” and “mindfulness” interchangeably.
What is Presence?
At the most basic level presence is being present to what is going on both inside your body and outside your body right now. Internally it …

Displaying Dissaproval Increases Attraction, Decreases Flakiness
October 26, 2014 – 4:30 am | 5 Comments

Social Psychology has a strange tendency to be counterintuitive, especially when it comes to attracting women. Culture and customs condition us towards automated communication, even if it’s kind of fake or phony.
“How’s your day?”
The person asking doesn’t care and the person responding is doing so robotically. Becoming an attractive man is about saying what you authentic, not what’s automated. Sure, at work it’s best to do what’s “normal” (avoid being a target if money is involved) but outside of that, you should hold yourself to a higher standard of expressing the truth.
With women this is crucial because it sets you apart from those who are friend-zoned. Women friend zone those who still feel the need to walk on eggshells around her or treat her too highly, politely using social customs and not being too provocative I.E. being predictable, normal, standard and boring. They are not being a CHALLENGE to the girl. They like her by default, thinking intuitively that liking her, complimenting her, and accepting her for who she is going to make her like them. WRONG!
Not being a challenge to a girl is like slathering yourself with friend zone butter, extra smooth! It’s boring for her. When someone blindly …

“Superhero in the Sack” bonus vid for Superhero Bulking product
August 16, 2014 – 10:03 pm | No Comment

This is a bonus video product I did for kinobody.com, it’s a private unlisted link and I’m letting you guys check it out for free
We go over what it takes to be great in bed, what it actually is that women are looking for when having sex with a guy, for the first time or otherwise, and what “high value” male sexual escalation looks like so a girl recognizes you as a boss and is sexually compliant to you 😉
For more information on how to become a superhero with women, join my private one-on-one coaching program. For details look here:
“Manwhore’s Coaching Program for Dating Success“

Hypnosis Techniques for Insomnia & Making Yourself Sleep
April 24, 2012 – 12:48 am | One Comment

I’ve been asked recently to help a few guys get to sleep that have insomnia, or major issues falling asleep. I’ve been using hypnosis to fall asleep faster and get better sleep for years now.
Many years ago I was called in for a review session with my commanding officer.. a Special Forces green beret Captain. You know the type.. steely-eyed snake-eater. Had killed multiple people with his bare hands, told us if we didn’t improve our physical fitness scores and we were all running to the evac chopper and couldn’t keep up, he’d put the bullet in our heads himself. That type..
Anyways at the end of the session (we had a pretty solid bond tbh) he asked me if I had any questions.. to which I replied, “Well sir, I have a very hard time sleeping. Do you have any thoughts on this.” It’s always been my feeling that people at a particular level of success have all KINDS of wisdom in strange areas. This man being a fucking BAD ASS, I figured he knew something about getting a solid, functional amount of sleep. He sat back in his chair, that hilariously smug, self-satisfied alligator smile spreading across his face..
“Well …

New live Phone Audio w/ girls
February 1, 2012 – 4:10 pm | 2 Comments

Sup fellas,
Just wanted to let you know I added more phone audio.  Check it out at:

My Message to Women
January 21, 2012 – 4:11 am | 3 Comments

I recently had an interesting conversation with a female dating coach I met at RSD’s World Summit. She bookmarked my site and read thru a couple of my reports, one being the “Get laid in Vegas” lay report I put up. She read several highly detailed accounts of sexual intimacy with a few girls I posted about on my site and one of her thoughts was:
“This guy’s not a douche..”
Why thank you :b
But what she was hinting at was a strong point that I was happy a female was making for me. And that is this.. I’m not here to live out some misogynistic fantasy of subjugating women, or live out some resentful hatred of women through increased “social” skills that allows me to manipulate them. And I’m not preying on weak women- or even drawn to weak women.
As other women who have found my site have also said, she told me she liked my writing and even laughed aloud at several points and could relate to the sexual scenarios going down. She likened the style to Tucker Max which I’d heard before. She also mentioned how I could improve the female readership of my site, which was an interesting …