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Naughty Letters from Hotornot
January 10, 2012 – 4:10 am | 9 Comments

One of my double matches on hotornot..
By the way if you guys want to learn how to sext properly, read my article on sexting!
what, you ass model an yet theres no pic? cheating
(Profile says I’m an ass-model. Classic Dav!d D)
Never said I was a nice boy or that I’d play nice
Send me your myspace and I’ll send mine. What’s your name? You seem fun- I like that
Thats good then, that you’re not nice…I hate nice
I sent you a message. You look kinda different in your other pic 😉
yeah no shit…my hair’s longer 😉 lol kinda redder too…
It’s cool. I only want you in those little booty shorts anyways. Never spanked a girl wearing glasses before.. this’ll be very fun
it is
(I don’t reply- not worth a response)
(Days later)
so u wanna? 😀
Yes but you’re in another country..
Fly and come see me..
I’ll spank you
lol yeah im not even in germany anymore im in kuwait (more…) (just inprocessing here, moving later) and, well since u live in ky and im taking midtour leave in germany and etown, ky then im betting it would be pretty easy to stop by an c u for a lil fun lol
itll prolly be the first 2 weeks …

How To Get Laid On Pof- Manwhore’s Online Dating Guide
November 29, 2010 – 4:50 pm | 11 Comments

I’m just going to lay out some of my knowledge of online dating advice real quick. This is geared more specifically towards how to get laid on pof, but it works for okcupid.com, Tinder, and even Facebook.
First off I’ve been extremely successful with online dating for over a decade. I’ve done it wrong, I’ve done it right.. I’d say its only been in the last year and a half that I actually starting becoming aware of what was working and what wasn’t (up till then I was simply having fun and messing around with it).
You DO want to get a phone number within 2-4 messages with a girl. Any longer than that and you become a penpal. Plus she becomes aware you either don’t have a lot of experience with online dating, or you don’t have balls/aren’t confident. When I get a number I’ll say something like “Hey this pof stuff is too nerdy for me. Shoot me a text (###) ### ####” or something like “Ya I’m done with this pof. Shoot me your num I promise to only stalk you on sundays..”
This gets me a num 60%-80% of the time. This is no exaggeration.
Pictures: extremely important. Maybe THE …