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Podcast #4 “On Being Sexually Dominant”
February 3, 2012 – 4:13 am | 5 Comments

Podcast #4 Sexual Dominance
[powerpress url="http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-4-Sexual-Dominance.mp3"]
In this episode:
- Brian breaks down his romantic style of physically escalating on a girl (Manwhore becomes jealous)
- Manwhore explains his style of being sexual with a girl
- His unique fundamental mindset of physical escalation
- Manwhore stalks women like Jason with a ski mask
- Brian explains Manwhore’s physical escalation methods in terms of playful dominance
- Incorporating humor with sexual escalation
- Seeing is Believing: Why bootcamps and/or mentors are SO POWERFUL for achieving results with women
- Why arguing with women makes you a bitch
- Nachos and sex
-Bring your dick up: How to talk about sex without being weird.
- Casanova Crew is discussed
- Manwhore passes judgment on Van Vannuzio
- The future of manwhore.org and Brian’s site http://badassdating.com is discussed

Podcast #3 “Fucking is for CLOSERS”
January 19, 2012 – 4:11 pm | 7 Comments

(This is our best one yet)
[powerpress url="http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-3-Fucking-is-for-CLOSERS.mp3"]
In this episode:
- Casanova Crew’s “StreetKings” episode#1 is discussed
- Much props are given
- Brian discusses his top secret daygame techniques (You absolutely fucking need to hear this)
- Is Hydro an Aquaman look-alike?
- “Pulling” as just another skillset
- X-rated story time (What it REALLY takes to get laid)
- “Messy” pulls are discussed
- Another “how to get laid in Vegas” breakdown is given
- The real way to deal with cockblocking friends
- Mimicry of British girl dirty talk
- The horrors of being a migrant worker in vegas
- Brian break down WHY girls act difficult.. the mental/biological principles at work
- X-rated story time (Manwhore’s Russian Gulag concentration camp technique in FULL ACTION)
- is LYING the ultra top secret guru technique you’ve been looking for?

Podcast #1 Manwhore & Brian Burke Get Laid in Vegas
January 19, 2012 – 4:13 am | No Comment

Brian and I do an audio breakdown of how to get laid in Vegas.  We pulled two girls together from XS nightclub in Vegas and gave a very detailed breakdown of how we did it.
[powerpress url="http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-1-Laid-in-Vegas.mp3"]
Feel free to leave comments we appreciate them and will answer questions!
Brian & Manwhore

Manwhore Interviews Two VEGAS STRIPPERS!
October 23, 2011 – 12:25 am | 4 Comments

How Does a Regular Guy Bang Strippers?

In this INSANE episode:
- Manwhore introduces to the world his two new STRIPPER roommates
- The girls introduce themselves as the fun-loving, semi-psychotic creatures that they are!
- Manwhore describes the joys of living, e.g. having girls running around the house in their underwear doing housework
- Shit gets insane
- Shit gets more insane
- Jackie and Emily drop a lot of knowledge on how a normal guy has a chance to score with a stripper (Jackie more so than Emily)
- Emily & Manwhore spill the beans that yes Emily has had Manwhore’s private part deep inside her. And she likes it
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How to Bang Bitchy Girls, & Classmates!
August 31, 2011 – 12:56 pm | No Comment

How to Bang Bitchy Girls, & Classmates (Manwhore w/ Special Guest: Showcase!)
[powerpress url="http://manwhore.org/manwhore-showcase-lay-report.mp3"]
In this HILARIOUS episode Manwhore and Showcase discuss:
- How to bang hot bartenders (text convo with hot bartender in membership section)
- How to deal with FAT cockblocks
- How to deal with not-so-fat cockblocks
- How to bang bitches
- How DoucheLORD was born
- Why Manwhore was forced to call in a favor to Satan- and Satan never unanswered
- How Manwhore handled incredibly difficult logistics and WON THE PUSSY (for 3 minutes on the clock lmao)
In Section II:
- Why taking bartending school is AWESOME
- How having female friends is so HARD when all they want to do is FUCK YOU SILLY
- How to acquire the phone number of EVERY SINGLE GIRL in your class and GET THEM TO YOUR HOUSE
- A super duper awesome comfort and trust building story
- How to have girls break into your room and rape you
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Podcast #2 “Girls Love Dick”
April 4, 2011 – 3:37 pm | 6 Comments

Hey! Manwhore here..
[powerpress url="http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-2-Girls-LOVE-Dick.mp3"]
In this episode we discuss:
- Why recording podcasts while not wearing any pants is kinda awkward when its two d00ds
- Why home invasion is NOT a good way of getting laid (actually that’s total bullshit I HAVE gotten laid thru home invasion)
- Q & A for casanovacrew guys including phone game & “warm approaches”
- Manwhore’s #1 tactic for fast sexual escalation
- X-rated story time
- Blowjob poker (including semi-awkward sound effects)
- Why when girls feel this is your IDENTITY- they are down for ANYTHING
- Brian breaks down his endgame escalation
- How to communicate that giving you head is a way for a girl to get closer to you (which is what she wants)
- How to tell a girl she’s not being slutty by sucking your cock
- How to tell a girl she IS being slutty by sucking your cock ; )