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Podcast #4 “On Being Sexually Dominant”
February 3, 2012 – 4:13 am | 6 Comments

Podcast #4 Sexual Dominance
[powerpress url=”http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-4-Sexual-Dominance.mp3″]
In this episode:
– Brian breaks down his romantic style of physically escalating on a girl (Manwhore becomes jealous)
– Manwhore explains his style of being sexual with a girl
– His unique fundamental mindset of physical escalation
– Manwhore stalks women like Jason with a ski mask
– Brian explains Manwhore’s physical escalation methods in terms of playful dominance
– Incorporating humor with sexual escalation
– Seeing is Believing: Why bootcamps and/or mentors are SO POWERFUL for achieving results with women
– Why arguing with women makes you a bitch
– Nachos and sex
-Bring your dick up: How to talk about sex without being weird.
– Casanova Crew is discussed
– Manwhore passes judgment on Van Vannuzio
– The future of manwhore.org and Brian’s site http://badassdating.com is discussed

Podcast #3 “Fucking is for CLOSERS”
January 19, 2012 – 4:11 pm | 9 Comments

(This is our best one yet)
[powerpress url=”http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-3-Fucking-is-for-CLOSERS.mp3″]
In this episode:
– Casanova Crew’s “StreetKings” episode#1 is discussed
– Much props are given
– Brian discusses his top secret daygame techniques (You absolutely fucking need to hear this)
– Is Hydro an Aquaman look-alike?
– “Pulling” as just another skillset
– X-rated story time (What it REALLY takes to get laid)
– “Messy” pulls are discussed
– Another “how to get laid in Vegas” breakdown is given
– The real way to deal with cockblocking friends
– Mimicry of British girl dirty talk
– The horrors of being a migrant worker in vegas
– Brian break down WHY girls act difficult.. the mental/biological principles at work
– X-rated story time (Manwhore’s Russian Gulag concentration camp technique in FULL ACTION)
– is LYING the ultra top secret guru technique you’ve been looking for?

Podcast #1 Manwhore & Brian Burke Get Laid in Vegas
January 19, 2012 – 4:13 am | No Comment
Podcast #1 Manwhore & Brian Burke Get Laid in Vegas

Brian and I do an audio breakdown of how to get laid in Vegas.  We tell the story of how we pulled two girls together from XS nightclub in Vegas back to my apartment. We banged both of them and give a very detailed breakdown of how we did it.

Both girls were visiting from New York City, didn’t know each other very well as it was work-related, and decided to head out to Xs nightclub together. Little did they know what the night had in store for them! One of the most interesting components to this lay report was the complete ROLE-REVERSAL Brian and I had in winging each other. Whereas I am typically more “hard-hitting” and aggressive, whether sexually, physically, or just in the way I’m expressing myself, my girl this time around was rather subdued and meek. I would not have been able to be too brazen with this girl! In fact my sexual escalation with her was rather “lovey dovey”.
Brian’s interaction with his girl was just the opposite! Whereas Brian is the one that’s usually more “romantic” with women, treating them gently and showcasing his “protector of women” vibe and understanding of them, his girl was a pain in the ass …

Manwhore Interviews Two VEGAS STRIPPERS!
October 23, 2011 – 12:25 am | 5 Comments

How Does a Regular Guy Bang Strippers?
This is back 2012 when Tyler (Real Social Dynamics) asked me if I’d let a girl he was dating stay at my place for a couple weeks here in Las Vegas. Then he mentioned she had a girlfriend that was also looking for a spot to stay. Within 20 minutes upon arrival I converted the 2nd girl into a sex slave and let her stay here as well. Both girls worked at Cray Horse 3 and Sapphire (Las Vegas strip clubs). A few weeks in we recorded this podcast:
In This Interview with Two Las Vegas Strippers:
– Manwhore introduces to the world his two roommates that are both Las Vegas STRIPPERS!
– The girls introduce themselves as the fun-loving, semi-psychotic creatures that they are!
– Manwhore describes the joys of living, e.g. having girls running around the house in their underwear doing housework
– Shit gets insane, because Las Vegas strippers are insane!
– Shit gets more insane
– Jackie and Emily drop a lot of knowledge on how a normal guy has a chance to score with a stripper (Jackie more so than Emily)
– Emily & Manwhore spill the beans that yes Emily has had Manwhore’s private part deep inside her. And she …

How to Bang Bitchy Girls, & Classmates!
August 31, 2011 – 12:56 pm | No Comment

How to Bang Bitchy Girls, & Classmates (Manwhore w/ Special Guest: Showcase!)
[powerpress url=”http://manwhore.org/manwhore-showcase-lay-report.mp3″]
In this HILARIOUS episode Manwhore and Showcase discuss:
– How to bang hot bartenders (text convo with hot bartender in membership section)
– How to deal with FAT cockblocks
– How to deal with not-so-fat cockblocks
– How to bang bitches
– How DoucheLORD was born
– Why Manwhore was forced to call in a favor to Satan- and Satan never unanswered
– How Manwhore handled incredibly difficult logistics and WON THE PUSSY (for 3 minutes on the clock lmao)
In Section II:
– Why taking bartending school is AWESOME
– How having female friends is so HARD when all they want to do is FUCK YOU SILLY
– How to acquire the phone number of EVERY SINGLE GIRL in your class and GET THEM TO YOUR HOUSE
– A super duper awesome comfort and trust building story
– How to have girls break into your room and rape you

Podcast #2 “Girls Love Dick”
April 4, 2011 – 3:37 pm | 6 Comments

Hey! Manwhore here..
[powerpress url=”http://www.manwhore.org/audio/Pd-2-Girls-LOVE-Dick.mp3″]
In this episode we discuss:
– Why recording podcasts while not wearing any pants is kinda awkward when its two d00ds
– Why home invasion is NOT a good way of getting laid (actually that’s total bullshit I HAVE gotten laid thru home invasion)
– Q & A for casanovacrew guys including phone game & “warm approaches”
– Manwhore’s #1 tactic for fast sexual escalation
– X-rated story time
– Blowjob poker (including semi-awkward sound effects)
– Why when girls feel this is your IDENTITY- they are down for ANYTHING
– Brian breaks down his endgame escalation
– How to communicate that giving you head is a way for a girl to get closer to you (which is what she wants)
– How to tell a girl she’s not being slutty by sucking your cock
– How to tell a girl she IS being slutty by sucking your cock ; )