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Watch Yi's "before and after training" vid and listen to him discuss the training:

After training with Rsd for two years, going on several bootcamps and only sleeping with two women the entire time, Yi trained with for three months, and slept with 11 girls in 33 days after training.

Listen below to "DaddyJihad" discuss his two favorite aspects of the training, Sexual Escalation and Vocal Training, and how he went from beta Muslim virgin to top notch player:

And here is Wan breaking down what he thought were the most powerful aspects of his time in the training program:

"Manwhore’s drills completely transform your personality and changes the way you communicate with people and how they respond to you. You can literally feel yourself becoming more charismatic as you do the drills. He’s your personal Miyagi in your ear going out of his way to help you get laid."
"I pull two very attractive girls back from the club to my house for a threesome on another night. We're all half naked and doing things to each other when the less mature one freaks out because she has a boyfriend. It gets really crazy and I end up driving them both back to the club to avoid getting kicked out by furiously woken and yelling housemates and having an angry boyfriend on my front lawn. Disaster and three-some aborted. I had no interest in seeing the immature one again, but went on a date months later with the cooler one, after she's separated from her boyfriend. yeah, it turned out that they both had boyfriends, wtf man. hahaha.

The biggest thing for me isn't about how many girls I sleep with, or how easily, it's the effective personal development and the greater degree of control over my life. I've become someone who is confident, charismatic, an authority, socially dominant and seductive and that's a great source of fulfilment for me. That's being alive."
"The transformation in your social skills, inner beliefs, and pimping you will make in these few short months with MW are life changing. I remember crying not too long ago because of the sheer joy of what I had accomplished.

It made it all the more sweeter knowing I came from rags and had achieved riches."
Recently i signed up for 2 months of coaching from Manwhore. I had just moved from a small town to the city to really start to develop myself and start approaching lots of woman. After a couple of months i realised how much i sucked at game lol. I was getting occasional results, like 1 lay per month if i was lucky but nothing compared to what i knew i was capable of.

Its now been almost 4 months since i started the coaching with (finished about 2 months ago) and in that time i have fucked 9 new girls, plus a blowjob this weekend from a 39 year old milf just an hour after i met her on the street near my place ;) so obviously a significant impovement in my game, most of which i can attribute directly to what i learnt from manwhore. Specifically a couple of same day lays from daygame and same night lays that i always used to struggle with.

Thats why your drills were awesome, they really embed what you learn so that it's not just some theory you know about, it actually becomes a part of you. Like when im talking to chicks now and pulling them etc the stuff im saying and doing and how im speaking is so far different to how i used to be that i can't even comprehend behaving in any other way now, it would just be unnatural.