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Live Infield "BOOTCAMP" with Manwhore and female assistants! Program details inside.. ==>

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For you guys asking about a live "infield" program with me:
Ready To Take The Most Advanced Training Program Ever Created?
Train With FEMALE Assistants Then Head To Las Vegas Nightclubs
And "Wing" With Manwhore... 
Learn EVERY Step Of Seduction In The COMPLETE "Hands On" Military-style Training Environment
This program focuses on.. GETTING LAID!
When every other bootcamp says goodnight, this program is just getting started..
     Hi, my name's Jonathan aka "Manwhore", I'm an ex-military officer and trainer and I have been a guest instructor for some of the top seduction companies in the world the last five years. I also have a degree in Cognitive Science and was an assistant manager at a strip club. This has given me a unique edge in creating the most effective, deeply transforming training program for success with women ever devised. 
This program has been kept under wraps for almost two years, because I strongly believe in the idea of coaching being more about "mentorship" than a hard sell. I also didn't want the training techniques getting diluted by rip-off copycats, OR, end up trying to force training on a guy that just wasn't quite ready for it. But I now feel it's time to go public. And I fully believe that within a year, every "pickup" or dating company out there will be emulating the training methods put forth in this program. 
Here's why..
     Most pickup companies put together live programs that involve forcing students to approach girl after girl all night long without any kind of actual training beforehand. While I think it can be very constructive and helpful for guys to be FORCED to approach strangers (lol), I also realize that it has some glaring problems ;) Because for a guy to really achieve success in his dating life, he must feel a sense of control, and trust in his own social faculties. So whereas a lot of companies' coaching involves throwing you in the pool and seeing if you sink or swim, I believe in FULLY preparing you beforehand! You will be trained, warmed up, and ready to go before you even get to the infield portion of the training!
The other main problem dating companies have is in distracting a student from the REAL training he needs. Instead of training him in vocal projection, or conversational steering, or physical game, they give him "routines" to memorize and rehearse to girls they meet at the club. This is NOT effective for creating the kind of real human connection that leads to seduction. 
So.. let's talk about what's included in this training program. In essence it is composed of five parts:
1) Verbal Game Training
2) Technical Vocal Projection Training
3) Live "Hands On" Training with Female Assistants
4) Infield Training
5) Follow-up Training 
Verbal Game Training
Students are put through a structured curriculum of "conversational mastery" speaking drills, frame control exercises, and "sexual priming" training. The bootcamp is designed to actually teach game systematically so that students don't just have an understanding of "game theory", but can actually execute it themselves, in whatever kind of social interaction they find themselves in ;) 
This drills-based training is world class, and completely unique to this program. No other dating company even comes close. 
Technical Vocal Projection Training
This part of the training is designed to make students much more powerful and energetic speakers. Within a single day they will experience more resonance and richness to their voice, and will command attention.
Interesting infield results that past students have noticed infield:


- The ability to command moving sets to stop

- The ability to tell girls what to do simply and easily, and get compliance

- The ability to easily combat cockblocks and win, at least 90% of the time

- The ability to pull group sets

- The ability to "be funny", project humor, and make people laugh 

Female Assistant Training
No other dating industry program offers this kind of training. I personally feel it is the most effective portion of the whole program. Training in a hands-on environment with a female is like napalm in a can. These girls are trained and highly skilled at what they do. Under the right direction and supervision, they can provide a training experience, and a depth of knowledge that nobody else can provide. 


Significance of Training w/ Female Assistants:

- Students learn proper verbal "leading" techniques as they are forced to employ them with the female trainers.

- Students get MASSIVE experience incorporating physical game with their verbal game. This part of the training is PRICELESS, and completely unique to this program.

- The girls are AMAZING during these sessions. They cut loose and get super sexy and guys get to actually experience ALL that verbal game has to offer between a guy and a girl ;)
- In working with the female assistants, students fully unleash all of their natural charisma that had been trapped for so long. They become comedic geniuses by accident. 
- Students learn incredible rhythm and pacing with girls in how they react to jokes, shit tests, flirting, and leading.
- This provides an opportunity for guys to experience conversation with women and get positive reinforcement without the stress of a club environment, or  approach anxiety.
- When the guys interact with the girls in such an intense training and learning environment, the infield portion becomes MUCH easier. They are fully prepped beforehand and experience almost NO awkwardness infield. 
- Many students, even newbies, get laid after having a training session with the female assistants. Last program a 5'7" Asian guy trained with two female assistants for over two hours, went out to the club, and fucked the FIRST girl he talked to ;)
Infield Training
As much as I personally find the seminar and training portion of the program to be absolutely essential, most students tell me their favorite part is having me as a wing during the infield portion of our training. 
- Students are watching, learning, doing, getting feedback on the spot, rinsing and repeating. 
- They get to see social intuition and rhythms at work.
I get laid on pretty much every program I run. I run demos all night long and go after girls relentlessly. Most students see me get laid on program ;)
- I firmly believe in "on the spot" feedback and corrections while infield. A lot of coaches say "Don't talk game while in the field, that's for after". But on my program I will correct you infield without losing momentum. That being said if I feel a student is simply trying to waste time so he doesn't have to approach, I will KNOW and will put a stop to it ;)
Follow-up Training
Every student receives drills and exercises to be completed after the bootcamp. They continue to grow and develop their charisma even after training is officially over. 
Here are some typical excuses/rationalizations other dating coaches give for not running adequate training that you will NOT hear on this program:
Treating the symptom, not the cause
This is used when a student asks for help in super gritty or technical game details like body language, or wants feedback on a particular snippet of conversation/verbal game he had with a girl, etc. The idea is that everything is supposed to be fixed with proper "inner game", and "taking action", and that fixing details like verbal game or body language is putting a band-aid on the "real" issue. This is complete nonsense and is just an excuse for the coach to be lazy. Training needs to fix issues from both sides.. the inner game as well as the actual technical tweaking of every little detail. Because the positive feedback you receive when you fix your mistakes is AMAZING for helping you internalize the lessons and reinforces the behavioral changes that you must make. 
It's not what you say but how you say it 
This is probably the most misunderstood concept of ALL TIME within the dating community. And this is what lazy coaches use to not have to correct a guy's verbal game after the fact (give him feedback), or train him properly beforehand. Apparently according to them if a guy starts talking about murdering babies, but says it with a smile on his face.. it'll work! Uhh, no that is just not the case. 
Don't talk game while in the field, that's for after
This is bullshit, and the sign of a weak coach. Proper coaching requires on the spot corrections and feedback. 


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Joined: 01/18/2012
If anyone's interested in

If anyone's interested in doing live training, hit me up, Vegas is warming up, spring time is in the air.. it's a good time for bootcamp ;) 


Have you read the "Best Of" forum threads on Sexual Mastery, Texting and Hardcore Player Social Dynamics? Begin your education: Best of Live analysis of text game dynamics, inner game power articles, & sexual mastery discussions

To Request Personal Coaching with Manwhore, go to: