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Manwhore Skype Session Training Review/Lay Report

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I initially contacted Manwhore because I felt like I didn't have full control of my social or dating life. I was up and down emotionally all the time and felt like my results were inconsistent on my nights out. I didn't know the steps to taking action, or have very much willpower to take action even.

So I contacted Manwhore.

Immediately, the first thing he did was pinpoint that I was enslaved to my emotions. This was a hard concept to grasp at first, but basically I was mentally unable to "game" through an off-night. After much encouragement and pushing from Manwhore, I started getting better and better at gaming through these off-nights. It came to show me that you don't have to always be "in state" to get a girl. This was a very eye-opening experience for me.

In our second session, he pinpointed another huge problem of mine. I wasn't moving girls. Not just the fact that I wasn't moving girls, I wasn't moving girls towards SEX. Something that came off as very childish and weird to girls. After he instilled that in my head, it made a whole lot more sense. As Jon said "Where are you going to fuck them? In front of their friends? In front of their mothers?!" Jon is a funny guy lol, definitely cracked up during our sessions.

This was my biggest issue during our training sessions. My lack of taking action and shaping towards making sex happen. I put up quite a fuss 'cause I'm a big baby, but slowly and surely I'm taking more action each day towards instilling the mindset and actions necessary to always be moving towards sex. Jon had already given me 80% of the tools necessary to make it happen, however mentally I was just not there and so the process took more time than it should have. 

Actually thinking to my past, three years ago, I wish I had taken Jon's training a LOOOTT earlier lol. It would've made for some fun stories with some girlies ;)

All in all, even in state, out of state, mild-gay-ass anxiety, I feel like I can take the fuck control of any situation to my best ability, and Jon has a HUGE part in that. 

He has a huge part in this deeply settled confidence that's prevailing even in my deepest lows, a large part because of the tools he's given me and the mentality that would have probably taken me AGES to develop.

I’ll add in a fun LR to exemplify some of the things I learned through MW training.

Before Manwhore training, I had been chasing this girl for two months. We hung out 6 days a week, never boned. Made out, did some other fun stuff, but my dick never went inside of her vagina. She controlled the frame. I would be subject to her bullshit, going up and down, her emotions controlling her and me as well since I was not a grounding presence.

Fast forward, I had a fun night out and I decided I'd had enough after getting LJBF'd for like the 10th time. I told her I wasn't her playtoy and that I was walking out. This got her attention 'cause we got naked and drunk that night. She eventually said "fuck me" (like guys seriously, a girl should rarely ever have to really tell you to fuck her, you should already be taking action to make that shit happen as soon as you feel like she's down). One whiskey dick and "white knight" conscientious later, I didn't fuck her. I won't get into detail but I could've fucked her that night if I really wanted to, but my mindset and mentality just wasn't there.

Soon after, she started dating some guy and I was left in my own emotional rubble. It's interesting though, taking coaching with Manwhore, he'll quickly get you to tell the difference between your logical mind and your emotional mind speaking. It's like throughout all this time of my emotional downturn, I knew logically that I wasn't mad at her, because if I had like Megan Fox on my dick... I probably wouldn't give as much of a shit. But I knew that I was mad at myself for feeling like I didn't have control over my own life. I didn't know it at the time but I had let someone walk all over me, I didn't project authority, I had rare fucking RARE sparses of masculine energy, and I didn't have a hint of killer instinct. (If a girl's looking at you like she wants to be fucked, SHE PROBABLY WANTS TO BE FUCKED). Grab her and ask questions later (but there's definitely some calibration to be had here).

I had some success with women after our "break-up," I went out to prove to "her" that I could fuck bitches, so I went and fucked 3 random girls I met from daygame. I walked them out to my door, never stepping a foot outside to walk them to the bus stop. I had hit kind of a low, not feeling any better after fucking those three girls.

I was at a point where I felt like I needed direction. I felt exactly how David Deida describes in "The Way Of The Superior Man," that a masculine man without purpose or direction will feel empty inside. I just knew I wanted to take steps in the right direction towards becoming more dominant and masculine. I read Manwhore's lay reports and knew that he contained the vibe I wanted.

Fast forward again after training, this girl breaks up with her boyfriend, citing his emotional instability as a major crux in their relationship. Also I ran a little BF destroyer on her, framing her boyfriend in such a way "He's probably only acting that way, like really lovey dovey, because he knows that you're like the best girl he'll probably ever get. He like NEEDS you to be in his life like every moment of the day and it's just because he loves you and needs you so much he can't stand the thought of losing you. You're like the only source of his happiness, like all his happiness comes from you. That's why he's so into you. And that's kind of wrong, because I feel like as a man you need your own life, and you need to draw your own strength and purpose from within of yourself, and you shouldn't gain ALL your happiness from one person, because I feel like that's a lot of unfair responsibility on that one person. But it's probably just because he loves you so much and couldn't stand the thought of losing you. That's probably why he's acting that way."

Look a girl in the eyes when you tell her this.

They broke up 2 weeks later, lol.

She would text me pretty frequently, almost seeming to come from a frame of seeking my authority on things, like asking me for advice on what to do, and I'd give her just that. My authority. 

We ended up hanging out one night and taking shots of some Jack Daniels. We got drunk, started making out, prize framed the fuck out of myself, got her wanting to rub my dick because she deserved it for being such a good girl. Got her calling me daddy, master, calling herself my slave. All kinds of stuff. I'm kind of actually getting a boner right now. I whipped my dick out (classic Manwhore move) and it was soon in her mouth. Whenever she did something I didn't want her to do, I would punish her bad behavior. (Just turn away, don't act butthurt, but maybe whip out your phone, go on FB etc.). I'm pretty sure she gave some resistance to sucking my dick at one point and I did exactly that and explained to her that "I'm like a lightswitch baby, I don't like to be turned on and off, it's exhausting. I want to do this with you but I can't keep doing this). Commence blowjob 2 minutes later.

So we were naked and I was having a hard time getting it up. I eventually got it up, and like in the midst of rubbing it on her pussy, I just busted everywhere. Whatever, not my best performance yet, lol. I just framed it HARD as us having had sex though, just because I wanted her thinking we had sex (We were both drunk, I'm really convincing, even though she didn't feel a dick, I'm sure she still believed we had sex lol, the story ends on a good note though). Also went with typical Manwhore lines "Oh my god, look what your magical little pussy did to my dick, made me nut everywhere." Chicks like this. Put it on them. Don't EVER be ashamed if you bust quick, I mean ideally obviously you don't want to bust quick, but if you do you might as well OWN THE FUCK UP to it. That's sexier to girls than being ashamed, jeez.


We went for a drive to taco bell because she said she was hungry. She was being all lovey-dovey (hence why I really think she thought we had sex lol) and asking me to visit her at work, that she wanted to go to a rave together, just her and I, that she was all mine, the only one for me.

After we got our crunchwraps, we went to the beach where she was even more lovey dovey, just looking at me so wide-eyed and expectanctly. I was not the same guy sitting in that car as I was 7 months ago in January before I took training. She asked if I wanted to go on a walk. I really didn't, so I told her that. She really liked that. (I think there is a subtle lesson to be learned here, a woman will respect you way more if you are firm in what you want and don't want. Take note, but also don't be a dick.).

On the way back home, I put on a song I liked and just started having fun and dancing along to it, having my own party and my own fun. I was having my OWN fun, and I was letting her join in. I was letting her know that I was having fun for myself, and that I didn't need her to have a good time. This was extremely attractive to her, because after talking for like 30 seconds afterwards, she randomly undid her seatbelt.

Now this is where what I learned in training took action.

Previously, before training, I would have thought nothing of it. But after a few stories from Jon on the inabilities of many women to lead themselves, I knew I had to lead them.

So when she took off her seatbelt, wide-eyed and expectant, I grabbed the back of her fucking head and shoved it on my dick. She started sucking my dick like a champ while I was driving going faster and faster (she was going faster and faster, not me). Man, it was pretty awesome. 

So we get back to my bedroom, she starts undressing herself because at this point, she just wants me so fucking bad. She's pushing her titties in my face saying shit like "Daddy can you please suck on my titties," to which I reply "I guess since you've been such a good girl." Subtle lessons to be had here by all. Also if you want a girl to call you daddy, something I learned from Julien is saying something like:

"Call me daddy, say 'thank you daddy'"

and then follow it up with

"No actually call me your slave master, say 'I'm your fucking little slave daddy'"

"Get on your fucking knees and suck my fucking cock while you say thank you master"

Actually just say "Thank you daddy"

And look at her right in the eyes and EXPECT her to say it. She'll say it alright, lol. It's typical broken windows theory, where coupling one statement next to other MORE outrageous statements, makes the first outrageous statement seem less "outrageous" lol.

So I start getting hard and I'm like 'Boom it's go time,' so I get behind her, jerking myself off, and I stick my fucking dick in her vagina from the back of her. She moans and says she loves my cock, daddy. I busted quick again in like a minute or two, BUT I finally fucked her. This girl I had been chasing for two months prior. In the span of two hangouts. I fucked her. 

Afterwards she was rubbing her tities all in my face and shit, blehh. Eventually she left at like 4:30 in the morning.


-Punish bad behavior ~ Don't let that shit fly, she'll think you're all the more attractive for it. Respect yourself, motherfucker.

-Take action AS SOON AS YOU SEE A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY ~ Be dominant with that shit. If she looks like she wants you to grab the back of her fucking head and shove it on your cock, do so, but gently. And also you need to know the difference between token resistance and real resistance, for instance, I started chowing down on her little pussy and she kept rubbing my arm saying "noo, mmmm, please, stop, noooo" all in between her groans. I knew this was token resistance so I started making fun of her for it like "Oh yeah? No? Mmm what about when I do THIS" and she started smiling and thinking I was so sexy.

-Be the man who she can't get, who she can't tie down, but ALSO be the man who cares about her, and can be loving and tender when needed. ~ I would get statements like her saying "You liiiike me, you liiiike me" Btw if a girl is saying that, that's a great sign, it means she's not sure. I knew she was looking for a little more comfort, so I gave it to her, sparesly. I said "Haha I guess you're pretty cool" in an appreciate, warm kind of way. Then she snuggled up on me, it was pretty coo.

So that's my tranformation through training. If you're looking to stop living a life of REACTION and start being a man of ACTION, that goes for what he wants and grips life by the balls, take training. He'll teach you how to be more dominant, that's for sure.


It is in my sincerest gratitude, and this is one of the most LOGICAL post I will ever make,



i'm too shy... ;)

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I liked the lay report its

I liked the lay report its very clear your mindset went from playing it safe to going for the win


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