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Meow sent me this vid from Elliot Hulse on embodying and getting in touch with your inner strength and bringing it out

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It's a continuation/expansion of a couple drills I do with my guys, but he's applied the body in ways I hadn't thought of. Kudos to a great man and a wonderful teacher. 


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Everyone should watch and try

Everyone should watch and try this

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definetely a cool vid! elliot

definetely a cool vid! elliot is great. although I feel there are a couple of more ingredients to sel-respect and dignity.

non-the-less been doing this for a couple of days now, along with some of the other exercises he recommends.  Will report changes.

You guys saying stuff to your selves while doing this, ie. affirmations? Or just imagining the bubble of positive energy?

BTW. Always feel little dizzy after this one. good but dizzy. Anybody else gets this? probs to much oxygen.

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Damn this video was cool, I

Damn this video was cool, I forgot bout it!

Along the same lines the Elliot is talking about, sexuality must be felt within yourself first. Thats why we heavily focus on what turns us on first and we express that, if we don't manifest sexy time we dont get sexy time back.