Manwhore Infield Footage: “the mean streets of Vegas”

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Here’s a recent video of me  talking to some sexy ladies in the streets of Las Vegas. Great example of conversational dominance, unreactiveness while still maintaining my own frame, being physical, and just vibing in a super relaxed fashion.

Brad (of and I taught an RSD bootcamp this weekend but took some time on the side to record for our video blogs. During the set up for my recording, I stopped three hotties walking by and told them to come talk to me while I waited. The result is the video above. Brad cut it off halfway for reasons of questionable merit ;), but I gamed her up for a couple minutes more. Wish he’d recorded it, pretty much nonstop action then a quick kiss and a number.

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  1. ferguson

    Hey Manwhore, Too bad the video is short. Would have loved to see how would you handle a butterfly like Shelby. (tall one with light pink bikini) I suffer when I have to deal with girls with such butterfly like attention. I just can’t build any vibe or emotions.

  2. anonymous

    Hey ferg!

    You seem to have taken Vin D’s Pandora’s box training, right? You’re talking about butterflies.

  3. Manwhore

    Ferg I wasn’t interested in the taller one I wanted the little doll baby one with the big boobs and that’s who I focused on. As far as the social butterfly types like Shelby (surprised you know her name I don’t even remember hearing it), you’ve got to be a charismatic individual yourself and girls will give you their attention. Work on developing that, there’s training out there for it like my long-term coaching program (details at: ). This isn’t something you can read an ebook about and get better at, AND, it’s not something you can expect to be good at without some kind of training. Denzel Washington wasn’t an amazing magnetic dude overnight. He trained for years beforehand.

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