Manwhore Interviews Two VEGAS STRIPPERS!

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How Does a Regular Guy Bang Strippers?

This is back 2012 when Tyler (Real Social Dynamics) asked me if I’d let a girl he was dating stay at my place for a couple weeks here in Las Vegas. Then he mentioned she had a girlfriend that was also looking for a spot to stay. Within 20 minutes upon arrival I converted the 2nd girl into a sex slave and let her stay here as well. Both girls worked at Cray Horse 3 and Sapphire (Las Vegas strip clubs). A few weeks in we recorded this podcast:

In This Interview with Two Las Vegas Strippers:

– Manwhore introduces to the world his two roommates that are both Las Vegas STRIPPERS!
– The girls introduce themselves as the fun-loving, semi-psychotic creatures that they are!
– Manwhore describes the joys of living, e.g. having girls running around the house in their underwear doing housework
– Shit gets insane, because Las Vegas strippers are insane!
– Shit gets more insane
– Jackie and Emily drop a lot of knowledge on how a normal guy has a chance to score with a stripper (Jackie more so than Emily)
– Emily & Manwhore spill the beans that yes Emily has had Manwhore’s private part deep inside her. And she likes it

Here is a link to a lay report Manwhore wrote on a threesome he had with two strippers from San Diego a couple years back:

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  1. SurferDude

    Manwhore, you rule! Talk about living la vida loca. With regard to Strip Club Game I’d like to add:
    1) Complimenting the girls on their outfits/costumes
    2) Same goes for their dancing, I always ask if they took Ballet as a kid, or if they do a rockin pole routine, gymnastics.
    3) Telling them how much you liked their choice of music especially if it is actually cool and unusual.

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