MW Vid: Physical Escalation tips part I

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Awesome physical escalation tips such as:
– thumbwar
– how to use YOUR body most effectively to get girls chasing
– how to look sexy against a black background
– the best way to hold a girl
– how to create context for touching a girl dominantly
– how to be charismatic without looking gay
– and much much more

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  1. PaulS

    Hey Manwhore! Just have to say a big thanks since I lost my V-card last week using much of what you teach. Being physical seemed so natural that the girl though I had experience. Little question for you: do you think it’s best to tell the girls you see that you are seeing/having sex with other girls? Just dropping a ”btw, so we’re on the same page, I am seeing other girls”?

  2. Cool vid. The part about western world not knwinog how to touch people is not accurate at all though. Latin and Mediterranean people do touch, a lot and quite well. So in America expect Brazil or Argentina to be very different from Canada or US, and same in Europe when you compare Portugal or Spain to others like Germany or Norway. As for the eastern world, sure you may touch a lot in India, but China, Japan, Korea are not particularly touchy feely to put it lightly.

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