MW Vid: Physical Escalation tips part I

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Awesome physical escalation tips such as:
– thumbwar
– how to use YOUR body most effectively to get girls chasing
– how to look sexy against a black background
– the best way to hold a girl
– how to create context for touching a girl dominantly
– how to be charismatic without looking gay
– and much much more

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2 Comments on "MW Vid: Physical Escalation tips part I"

  1. PaulS

    Hey Manwhore! Just have to say a big thanks since I lost my V-card last week using much of what you teach. Being physical seemed so natural that the girl though I had experience. Little question for you: do you think it’s best to tell the girls you see that you are seeing/having sex with other girls? Just dropping a ”btw, so we’re on the same page, I am seeing other girls”?

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