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Alright guys here's a convo I'm having on Tinder

Me: Hey you there, I wanna meet you!

Me: I just hope you're not a loud chewer, can't stand that (thanks PB)

Her: Well actually I am, sorry (wtf girl, most of the time it goes well but I got the same fucking response with another girl. What do you do in this situation)

Me: ohh shit, my mother warned me about girls like you

Her: The police warned me about guys like you  (lolwut?)

So damn I can't come up with something witty I could say something like:

"Don't worry I'm just gonna steal your heart that's all"  or

"Bring your pet chihuahua if you want she can guard us while we feed the ducklings to promote a healthy ecosystem"  or

"Fuck da police, let's rob a police station to show our youthful rebellion"

Anyway, if anyone's got suggestions (MW?) thanks!


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They were right.

I am one of those bad boys.


Cruising... man, On a Good One, it is so cool!

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Darn. So my bunny snatching

Darn. So my bunny snatching past haunts me still, even on Tinder

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can't stand that is not as

can't stand that is not as good as 

me: I don't think I can handle that 

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SultryGorilla, thats a rwlly

SultryGorilla, thats a rwlly good one, sent something like that but she hasn't responded yet. 

Patrick, why is te second one better though? Because it kinda implies you are gonna "handle" her in some way or what


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'can't stand' sounds very

'can't stand' sounds very emphatic like it really bothers you