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Figured out what the hacks on the forum were about.. they were editing posts adding weird nonsense

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The forum runs on a very old version of Drupal that's no longer updated and has several known vulnerabilities. This was only because the site/forum used to operate a mobile app that would allow registered users to transfer texts from their phone to the forum for discussion. The app only synced with a single old version of Drupal.

The two main vulnerabilities and exploits employed on the forum were to hack and edit user profiles to input a new email address so the user account could be "taken over", as well as admin permissions being hacked and changed so users could edit posts. This allowed some pretty flagrant abuse, and posts and replies were found that had been edited from their original form to include gross conversational pieces that did not exist previously. The main offending strategies uncovered so far seemed to center on embedding some sort of weird "tranny" narrative, and the other was an attempt to make the topic of masturbation out to be a part of the training program. Negative. That has never been a part of the training program and actually is a topic that has only very rarely been brought up by students.

I have tried to be tolerant of chosen lifestyles other than heterosexual straight, but personally, homosexuality is physically repulsive and disgusting. I am a straight male. The "other side" simply does not mentally exist, it never has and it never will. And so while these attempts to create a sexually deviant narrative on the forum are gross, at the same time I am rather oblivious to it. There are no secret proclivities, no hidden fetishes. Only random trollings and jokes. This is probably why it went on so long undetected.

The forum is quite large, has hosted hundreds of users and spans years and years of conversations and forum discussions. Trolling the forum is certainly normal at times, and gay and tranny jokes can be hilarious, but to attempt to construct a deviant smear narrative is not just dishonest, it utterly goes against the purpose and goals of the forum. It's a perversion enacted for a single goal and it's actually one of the oldest communist tricks in the book. To attempt to twist and pervert the nature of male teachers is to sow massive distrust in students and serves to cut off the succession and transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next. This is a tactic employed by the communists nonstop.

I apologize to those who may have been confused and misled by the content. Or offended. But as it's been demonstrated before, they made a very bad decision attempting their nonsense here.


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