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I AM THE KING. Good sex starts with YOUR pleasure, the rest will follow

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Waddup hoebags and playa pimps, it is I the sex god.

​coming back from a peculiarly awesome adventure and wanted to share a pretty important paradigm as far as sex is concerned. Actually it extends FAAR and above beyond sex (like m'dick) and needs to be carried all the way through your interaction to sex.

​What is it you may ask? ding* ding* ding* sexually prizing yourself ladies and gents

​remember as the alpha YOU are the prize? You are the star of the movie, she gets to play the supporting role? well guess what the same goes when that movie is a porno. Your dick takes centre stage.


​Not that she's not important. She obviously is. But the MAIN narrative that should be implanted in your head and by proxy hers is that it's all about your pleasure. 

​Now for all the feminists that read this forum and are already sending MW angry leetrs telling him to ban me let me explain. You must prize yourself for both of you, worshipping her lovely curves has a time and a place, so does validating her on a deep deep level after you've just fucked her into oblivion. She lies naked before you in utter surrender and that's the time where you fill her heart with all kinds of warm and fuzzy admiration that she can take with her throughout her day.


So this past weekend I drove out 2hrs to see my ex/newly open relatipnship GF. It had been a week since I busted a nut and I was in an extra feral mood. We go out for drinks and chill out for a little bit. On the walk back to her apartment I yank her dress up several times (I told her not to wear panties) exposing her juicy peach of an ass. She always squals a high pitches EEEEEEEEHHH! and pulls it back down. As we reach the door of her partment shes struggling with the keys, I instantly yank her dress up all the way, tucker her hips into mine and start whispering in her ear, while she fumbles to open the door as fast as possible. Soon as we get inside I start mauling her. I then scoop her up, walk all the way to the bedrrom and toss her on the bed. She would've put up some resistance but my vibe is coming across so strongly, I'm projecting the dominance on her so intensely that she knows nothing will stop me from taking what's mine, then devouring it, then punishing it viscously until we both come to exhausted and out of breath.

​The point here being playas. Is that because of how horny I am my desire for her is pent up and needs release. There are barely any thoughts running through my head. I'm letting my desire guide me and she automatically knows who the boss is. I'm not focusing on anything, fully present, at the same time the only focus is on MY pleasure. What feels good to me, what do I want to do, how do I want to touch her, what part of her body do I want to explore. I steer the car, she is the passenger, whatever I feel she feels. 

​Because of society, most men nowadays approach sexuality in a low-value way. They don't understand high value escalation, they are there to worship the woman's body, put the spotlight on her instead of the experience. This is a paradigm that leaves both parties unsatisfied. Realize instead that she follows your lead, and she does NOT want the spotlight on her, she wants to enjoy you, please you, and the only way that will happen is if you mind your own pleasure first. 

​This is the difference between me mauling my woman, and a chode akwardly fondling some girl he's on a date with. There is no apaology, no hesitation, no second guesses in what I'm doing. I navigate her body but it's for my pleasure. The chode pedestals the girl because he can't believe how lucky he is to explore a woman's body. I take my girl and she gives herself to me for my pleasure.


​I had gotten too caught up in delivering a powerful experience to her. Too enraptured in the extreme reactions I would generate from her. I forgot to please myself and this ultimately created a low-value sexual dynamic. I'd be getting my dick worshipped but I would be doing it because I knew she enjoyed it. I'm now exploring once more what I find enjoyable, and she's lucky enough to be along for the ride.

​To quote Patrice O'Neal. "the queen is the King's bitch"


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Niv baby, whats up? Good

Niv baby, whats up?

Good stuff as always brotha. it's definitely mutually beneficial when you go beast mode and she just wants nothing more than see you bust :P