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Joined: 12/19/2013

I would like to share what is for me the most valuable aspect of Manwhore coaching until now.

The "Eye drills", "Inner Game & Mental/Emotional Control drills" and the "Visualisation drills".

My god...

The 3 are connected.

I center myself and practice "Inner Game & Mental/Emotional Control" ALL THE TIME through the day. I start to get unfazed, I know EXACTLY where to put my attention/focus "you will not be happy but you will be at peace" this is definition of MASCULINITY. We are not here to feel good. I don't think pleasure and fantasy and entertainement. I seek my word, I honor it, I seek right choice and I seek a sustainable mental state, calm and relax. Not happy butterfly, crazy monkey.

Now I almost fall in the trap of lacking engagement but that's not the same. You can take charge of your internal state, and regulate the inner dialogue to achieve what you want, engaging this girl, motivate yourself to do that etc..

Unreactive vs Inexpressive trap.

Doing so I use also Visualisation drills not only for females but IT IS HUGE for sport.

If you read the BIBLE of inner game "The inner game of Tennis" he explain that your self 1 the one who make comment and judge and talk cannot make the body obey. You can only use it to direct yourself in the right direction and OBSERVE what is going on. Self 2 your body, cognitive self, the one who make you breath and regulate your temperature can be control through VISUALISATION. Think about it can you really control for example how to bat a baseball ? All the muscle who tense and the mechanism going on in the movement ? You really think you can control that ? No. So everytime you practice, you should have A CRISTAL CLEAR picture of the desire outcome.

The Eye contact drills allow me to project whatever I want. And when you are center, present and don't flinch your eye contact get INTENSE and thus open a lot of door socially.

What is for you the most that you take out of it ?

Joined: 12/19/2013
That's the main point but

That's the main point but this is a lot more than being about girls. It goes deep, this guy is U N D E R R A T E D.