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Tinder, Texting, Sexting & Lay - Kudos to MW's Skype Program Once Again!

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Yo guys, Daddy’s here with another great story to share. I’ve been having killer success recently after finishing MW’s skype training program and wanted to share that with you all. Everything you see in this post, from the texting to the lay is all stuff learned and brought out from me through the program.


We begin with Tinder:

Me: Drinks for two. Me and you. Clothing optional

Her: I don’t know if I’m weirded out by how forward that is or weirded out because it might actually work

Me: I’m cool with the second option

Her: Yeah me too

Her: Who did you sell your soul to in order to be so attractive?

Me: (Lol true story)

Me: You’re pretty darn cute yourself ;)

Her: What do you do with your days?

Me: Fight crime. But mostly wait on my butler to bring me a fresh new batsuit everyday

Her: Oh this isn’t good. My only goal in life is world domination. Something tells me you don’t like that

Me: You have no idea what I’m going to do to you

Me: but I don’t think you can handle it…

Her: Aw you think you can intimidate me. How adorable

Me: More than just intimidate….id start w/ sliding my arm under your legs and pick you up and set you down on the counter. Lean down and softly bite into your neck as I curl you up into me

Her: Oh yeah? Then when are these drinks happening?

Me: Forget the drinks. I wanna drink something else now

Her: I like the way yo u think. I’d rather try a taste of something else too.

Me: Gawd you’re driving me crazy, I can’t help it. Send me a dirty pic ;) (I wasn’t available that day)

Her: *Tinder Meme of a dirty sink

Her: Nice and dirty. Try to control yourself

Me: Lame

Her: Well how exactly would you get it on tinder (Yeah she got me there lol)

Me: Shoot me a txt ###-###-#### easier to chat there missy

Her: Hey fella (on to texting)

Me: Hey baby

Her: Please no baby

Me: Oh so you’re a kid hater? Honey, wait til I get home. Looks like I’ll have to teach you a lesson tonight

Her: *laughing emoji I meant I don’t like being called baby. But I won’t object to being taught a lesson

Me: When I get there, first thing I’m going to do is come up behind you and slide my hands around your waist. Pull you in against me, interrupt you while you make my sandwich like the good wife you are

Her: Then I push you up against the wall, kissing you down the neck. Then while I have you distracted I stab you with my sandwich knife. My housewife days are behind me. I flee to the wilderness and live out my days as a lumberjack

Her: I like this game, it’s fun

Her: What’s wrong, don’t like my sense of humor? (6hrs later after silence from me)

Me: You’re such a dweeb:)

Her: Aw thanks

Me: Up this late…u frikkin rebel

Her: Look who’s talking. You’re on of those bad boys aren’t you?

Me: My mom says I’m sweet like frosted flakes

Her: My mom told me I have a funny looking face?

Me: Why are you up this late tiger?

Her: Got wrapped up in a tv show. Why are you up this late lion?

Me: Can’t sleep cause of this stab wound you gave me

Her: I mean I’d say I’m sorry but I never apologize for hypothetical situations

Me: Hey what’s your weekend look like? There’s some gazelles us starved cats need to prey on (Took me so long for the meet up cause she’s an 1hr away so I had to make time in my schedule to see what worked for me. Then went for it.)

Her: Don’t have too much planned. But hunting always takes priority

Me: Good kitty lets grab froyo Sunday. I know this sick place, they treat me like the royal douchebag I am

Me: But to you I’m a gentlemen…mostly ;)

Her: Hmm Sunday might be a squeeze but I can’t turn down royalty

Me: Oh yeah what do you have going on? (Since she says it’s tight I’m going to find a better day to reduce flaking and not cement any plans)

Me: Aside from looking oh so good on that rock

Her: Well actually rock climbing is part of my plans haha plus a group project in the morning

Her: I also have to write a play at some point…

Me: Hmmm how spontaneous are you

Her: What’s a strapping young fella like yourself got going on

Her: Depends

Me: Got some dinner plans spread over the weekend. Make yourself available sat. night

Me: It’s a surprise (bishezz love surprises)

Her: Oh I could actually do Saturday night!

Her: Although all of my roommates are gone for the weekend and I was hoping to make the most of it. Aka roaming the apartment without clothes on all weekend (Idk how more obvious you can get as a girl lol)

Me: Is that an invite? (Purposefully being cheeky)

Her: Hmmm it could be

Me: My calculator is telling me to make a calculated change in plans. Txt me a time and your address (Really bad text lol sorry guys)

Her: Alright, I’ll send all that to you Saturday

Me: Sure thing chicken wing. What do they got going on?

Her: Chicken wings? They usually fry some fun plans up

Me: Slowly drifting off. Unless u can send something to keep me up….zzzz

Her: Hey that’s a two way street dude

Her: Aw I fell asleep but you asked so nicely. Guess I can give you something to keep you awake for the rest of the day (she sends this the next day after another silence from me)

Me: Mhmmm you got my attention

Her: *PIC

Me: I’m gonna nibble all over that tomorrow

Me: Turn around for me beb

Her: Aw too late, I’m clothed and out the door

Me: We’ll see about that tomorrow ;)

Me: This old guy tried to grope me today. What’s going on w/ you

Her: Oh wow my day’s not nearly that exciting but can you blame him? I’m on my way to the gym

Me: Gawssshh I feel so violated. I hope squats are in that regimen lil lady

Her: Meh running is close enough

Me: Hey …I was just thinking about you (i sent this the next day)

Her: I’m flattered

Her: Still free tonight?

Me: Yup. Shoot me the address and time

Her: Alright it’s in *name of city

Me: Got it. I’ll knock on every single door in *name of city

Me: Should find you by new years

Her: *Address let’s say 8? There are a few visitors spots on the far side of the lot. If they’re all taken you could park anywhere and just hope you don’t get towed

Her: Smart ass

Me: 8 works

Me: :)

Her: That should give me enough time to shower and put on clothes

Her: But it will be cutting it close

Me: No

Me: No clothes.

Me: I will rip those off immediately

Her: That’s all part of the fun ;)

Her: That and the shitty twin bed

Me: Lol I’ll let you know if anything comes up. *name of city is like 1hr from me

Her: OH shit I didn’t know that, I totally understand if you can’t make it

Her: What city are you in?

Me: *name of city

Me: 1hr is doable. Look cute for me pumpkin

Her: If you’re in *name of city then I think an hour is a great overestimation but I’ll try to look cute anyway

Me: Heading out around 7 damn I better not get towed!

Her: There may be visitors spots open but if not…yeah I don’t really know what to tell you. It’s behind a food lion. You could probably park there for a while without worry but not over night

Me: Hmm I’ll bring my bat detector

Me: No one will get near my car

Her: Smart move. I’d offer you my invisible jet but it’s in the shop

Me: Oh I’d like to testdrive that out

Me: just looking at that photo, imagining what I’m gonna do to that lil bod when I arrive

Her: *Pic

Her: can’t wait

Me: On my way

Me: Here just trying to find parking

Me: Damn your apts are better than *my university geeszzus

Her: The visitor spots are all parallel furthest from the street

Her: Yeah because *her university is better ;)

Me: ha…haha….hahaha!

Me: im parking on this treet

Me: and yeah right

Her: If there’s a place go for it


I knock on the door, walk in, and greet her with a hug and kiss on the cheek. She was definitely nervous but damn was she cute. I get her to give me a tour of the place and poke fun at her terrible real estate agent skills. We sit on her living room couch and we start talking about random stuff. I was saying “Cool” and “Wow” a lot which may seem like overly validating the girl but when you go through MW’s program, the way you say things matter much more than what you’re saying. Even validation statements can fly when your tonality is dialed in. It allows you to sub-communicate that “Yeah you’re pretty cool. But I’m not saying these things to seek your approval. My life is awesome.”

As we’re talking I slowly escalate on her from rubbing her legs, to fiddling with her hands and maintaining strict but sexy eye contact. MW teaches you this DYNAMITE drill to escalate like a complete badass and not like a super creep. As I went for the arm around her shoulder she quickly moved into me to allow me to do it. Shortly after, I can’t remember because after this point things got heated REAL fast lol but I’m pretty sure she leaned in to kiss me. Anyways, time to the lay was about 20-25min.

We start making out and she goes “This couch is uncomfortable.” She takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom and we go at it. I had a hard time getting her belt undone and she throws some shit in my way like, “I don’t have all night you know”. But I deflect it like a BAWSS. I took my sweet time with the foreplay and yeah….well we had sex. :D

She started throwing some shit about a noise my stomach was making during sex but thanks to one of MW’s drills, I spun it into me being a dragon getting ready to burn her lil pussy up. She laughed her ass off.

P.S. Don’t eat thai food before sex

Afterwards, we did some light pillow talk but it was really just me being funny as shit. I tell her I’m still hard and she blows me and gives me a handjob to finish. ;) Then a massage! WOW!

It was past midnight and she goes “I have some work to do in the morning so you can’t stay.” I tell her I wasn’t planning on staying but thanks for the reminder.

I leave shortly after that, give her a hug and kiss and cheekily tell her “You’re welcome” with a shit eating grin on my face. She laughs.

I text her a few min later:

Me: Ha I knew they wouldn’t fuck w/ my car

Her: you showed them

I drive back to my place 1hr & 30min later

Me: I loved pinning you up against that mattress headset and sliding your lil body all the way down on me. Oh gawd that pussy was delicious

Me: Night kittykat

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great write up daddy. lol at

great write up daddy.

lol at the manwhore link

The way I understand and also from MW's stuff that it's mostly unnecessary risk to get sexual in text before the first meetup. As it increases flakes. Why did you do to choose to do so, especially before moving to texting? Was it because of her compliment?


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