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You go to poland and you want to have date when you arrive ?

Well you can't because tinder is base on LOCAL proximity. BITCH please we fuck the system, deep and slow like manwhore love it.


Girl from Vegas just confirm me and I'm in Paris nigga. So next year for RSD world summit and "throwing MW in the pool event" I hit up Vegas with this app for a good month and here I come.

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does it ask for the SMS

didn't work. Can't get past SMS verification.

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I got that too. Guess what I

I got that too. Guess what I find a fucking way. You either win or you win.

Your facebook account link to your tinder might not be legit  (how many time since you open it, how many friends, active account etc...)

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Just download a "fake gps" or

Just download a "fake gps" or "fake location" app for your android.

But i only get ugly ass matches on tinder lol... how do yall get matched with hot ones

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It's all about the pics. Have

It's all about the pics. Have good pics.


"Why do faggots always got to kiss the girl?"