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Forum topicAn Advanced Introduction to Sexual Escalation: Endgame Mindset and Tactics Manwhore221 year 14 weeks ago
Forum topicWhat's your guys' take on "Inner Game"? Very interested to know Manwhore261 year 16 weeks ago
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Forum topicTrain 1-on-1 with Manwhore in his Skype "Verbal Drills-Based Charisma Development" Program Manwhore202 years 45 weeks ago
Forum topicFunny new vid from Luke and Tyler.. but what'd you think of Tyler's talk on saying "thank you" in the beginning?? Manwhore123 years 18 weeks ago
Forum topicGirl calls out "pua's" in her city on Facebook Manwhore153 years 19 weeks ago
Forum topicDude! This guy's straight KILLING IT with his "Kissing Prank". Geezez Manwhore253 years 21 weeks ago
Forum topicWhat do you guys think of the UK leaving the EU? I found a pretty cool letter on it Manwhore193 years 22 weeks ago
Forum topicThanks Manwhore (Reviews of MW Coaching) Buddhagames83 years 23 weeks ago
Forum topicReview of Vegas Immersion program includes straight up criminal stalker activity Manwhore223 years 23 weeks ago
Forum topic"Fast & Furious" Texting Strategy for Strippers and Cocktail Waitresses FREE CHAPTER GIVEAWAY From Manwhore's Textgame Manual Manwhore263 years 28 weeks ago
Forum topicWeekly Q&A OPEN! #3 Ask your questions in this thread I'll answer them in a YouTube video Manwhore243 years 31 weeks ago
Forum topicEckhart Tolle - Power of Now Hainz233 years 34 weeks ago
Forum topicAny cool stories or feedback on the binaural beats audio? Manwhore304 years 7 weeks ago
Forum topicNew YouTube Banners.. thoughts? Manwhore134 years 9 weeks ago
Forum topicJeffy Hot Seat 2 Worth It? ElianBG84 years 10 weeks ago
Forum topicFeminists Achieve a Whole New Level of Retard CreamoftheCrop34 years 13 weeks ago
Forum topicSome pretty horrible shit from Roosh's side of things.. wanted to discuss Manwhore174 years 14 weeks ago
Forum topicNeed your honest opinion.. what do y'all think of this guy and his site? Manwhore74 years 14 weeks ago
Forum topicNew Star Wars Trailer RezznT14 years 15 weeks ago
Forum topicMemes Manwhore14 years 15 weeks ago
Forum topicDeveloping a strong sense of entitlement Alpha Prime104 years 15 weeks ago
Forum topicPossible Violence, Step in or mind your own business? RezznT24 years 15 weeks ago
Forum topic. darkrain194 years 15 weeks ago
Forum topicFree Online Hotseat by Valentino Kohen RezznT14 years 15 weeks ago