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Social Rich, Market Poor
March 27, 2015 – 5:30 am | 7 Comments

One anomaly of my life has been that I remain Social Rich, even while I am often Market Poor.
Although the two can be attained at together, this article is about understanding the two separate systems at work.
Society screams that the opposite must be true, especially as a man. We all know the story; you need the right house and vehicle, career, and bank account balance to attract the right women for you.
That’s how it works, right? Isn’t that what being in or out of the right league means? Having the stuff and status you need to get the women or woman you want in your life?
The idea that you must be market rich, or have enough STUFF, before you can be social rich, or have high quality relationships. It’s rarely spelled out this clearly, yet isn’t that really the point of it all? Is there a man among us that hasn’t felt like he doesn’t have the right STUFF to attract the people he really wants in his life?
Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a reason why I have competed against investment bankers, tycoons, and other people slightly out of my league when we’re both interested in the …

Practical Presence for Players Part 1
November 16, 2014 – 12:20 am | One Comment

The Purpose of Practical Presence for Players
“Positive” thoughts in the mind create positive emotions in the body, and positive emotions in the body give rise to positive thoughts in the mind. Naturally, positive thoughts in the mind and emotions in the body create “positive” behaviors. Positive behaviors propel you forward in life with a purpose. They enable you to successfully reach your goals through overcoming challenges and hurdles.
But this isn’t going to be an article about the commonly-held notion of positive thinking. I am going to lay out a process by which you can take control of your thoughts and emotions, thereby taking control of your behavior and ultimately your life.
The foundation of realizing everything that you want in life as a man is presence. It is the bedrock of self-mastery and self-discipline. From the position of presence you create and allow positive thoughts in your mind, which in turn create positive emotions and generate positive behaviors. For the purposes of this series, I will be using the terms “presence” and “mindfulness” interchangeably.
What is Presence?
At the most basic level presence is being present to what is going on both inside your body and outside your body right now. Internally it …

Manwhore Teleconference #1 “How to Have a Threesome, Text Game, & Getting Laid w/ a Mellow Vibe”
May 26, 2014 – 4:47 pm | No Comment

Manwhore and the crew discuss how to have threesomes, how to text girls correctly, and how to get laid while maintaining a more chill, laid-back vibe.

Fear of Taking Control/Leading
April 16, 2014 – 10:42 pm | 3 Comments

As you push this you will continually suprise yourself with what happens. People are looking for you to lead them to a better place. They want you to be that guy.

When you’re in an interaction and you don’t know what to do, tell your ego/pain body whatever that little voice is to shut the fuck up, it has no place here. You know where you want the interaction to go; that little voice is just trying to get you to give the burden of leadership to the girl and ultimately a one way trip to youjizz after you go home alone.

Reviews of the Skype “How to get Laid” Long-Term Training Program with Manwhore
March 23, 2014 – 5:36 am | No Comment


This is the training program that teaches you Conversational Mastery, Verbal Seduction, Overwhelming Physical and Sexual Escalation Game (the kind of seduction no woman wants to resist), Demonic Frame Control, and even more mainstream skills like Public Speaking, Strong Vocal Projection, Time Management and Lifestyle Development. Reviews from guys who took the Skype training are below:

Why Being A “Douchebag” Gets You Laid
February 11, 2014 – 4:19 am | 7 Comments

This is an article I wrote three years ago but resurrected because it MUST be made commont knowledge. The idea is that the things that chodes/society talk shit on the MOST, are what will actually get you laid the most. Because when it comes to being successful in life whether it’s health/wealth/or love, most people are quite simply, crabs in a bucket, and they would rather talk shit, than work at something themselves.
Since becoming an experienced internet marketer, I’ve begun to unconsciously pay attention to trends and success streaks in my own life.. rather than before where I was haphazardly going thru life pell-mell, with no thought to planning or strategy, e.g. “natural” style. In actuality there are trends you start to notice, things that seriously stick out and can be emulated.
Back in college I wore a lot of wife beaters. I was a young guy who hit the gym a lot- I always had a strong “warrior” identity, and so kept myself lean, mean and agile. The attention I got from girls was a bonus, but damn it was a NICE bonus.
But then of course there were the fratstar chodes, the dudes who grouped together into their own self-limiting chode niches. …

How To Be A Nice Guy
January 16, 2014 – 10:40 pm | No Comment
How To Be A Nice Guy

So you want to know how to be a nice guy? Well it’s not what you think..
A couple years back I broke into Michael Jackson’s cemetery with a Las Vegas MMA ring girl. We were going to get naughty on his gravestone. We didn’t know if we’d find it or not ‘cuz it was a big place, but we wanted to do the dew while Michael supervised. It was a really good idea, not that it worked out that way, but it was the thought that counted 😉 So we’re looking for a place to get down just nonchalantly wandering through this HUGE cemetery, and we come upon a big statue of the virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. I lead her towards it, holding her hand, and then throw her hand in the direction of the grass and tell her to get on her knees like a good little girl. She complies and I take my dick out and stick it in her mouth while telling her to suck it. She obliges and I began ramming her little mouth while whispering all kinds of sexual profanities at her. I tell her she’s going to get more cock than she can …

Being a Real Man Vs. Being a Player/Manipulator
September 8, 2013 – 6:39 pm | No Comment

I’ve been working with a new student, one who’s capable of so much, but has had certain success barriers holding him back. One of those being the idea that if he’s influencing his environment, e.g. leading, he’s intrinsically value-taking and is a “bad” person. This is obviously a very destructive mentality as this sort of headspace breeds a completely helpless life paradigm. When a person’s unwilling or afraid to step up and shape his own environment, he is doomed to be a bottom dweller.
Generally we do conversational leading and charisma development drills during my sessions, but this one was devoted almost solely to fleshing out the true paradigm of leadership and male charisma. His write-up of the session begins below:
Most people want a leader. Probably over 50% of the population wants a leader. They just crave it. I was born to be that leader. I need to surrender to that reality that I am a leader. All top 5% of people in the world are born to be leaders. I’m absolutely in that top 5%.
Beading a leader is morally neutral. There are good leaders and evil leaders. Luckily, I have the values of intelligence and kindness, genuinely caring about people. …

Stopping Negativity from Gaining Traction & Flipping the Script
June 11, 2012 – 12:03 am | 3 Comments

I don’t do this a lot, but a contributor from my forum at http://manwhore.org/forum put up an AMAZING post where he verbally body slammed his sister’s future mother-in-law and really put an overbearing and meddling woman in her place in defense of his own mother. The way he handled it really deserves some scrutiny.
If you care to contribute to the discussion the original forum thread is located at: http://manwhore.org/forum/content/stopped-negativity-gaining-traction-and-flipped-script
So yesterday, I was with my mom at my godparent’s house and they were all doin shit for my sister’s wedding
And at one point, the mother of my sister’s fiance comes over and they are all talking and eventually it gets to the point where the mother starts asking my mom about her religion and basically is like, “I don’t want my grandchildren growing up like that”.. and a bunch of bullshit like that..
Uhmmm…. well my mom was taking it like a champ, like totally answering this woman’s questions from a higher level of concsiousness. She was all, “Well, I am proud of who I am and if you are unhappy about something having to do with that, I think that’s something you’re going to have to deal with”
I was super amped for …

Alpha Lessons: Dealing with Amogs & Stressful Job Interviews
March 27, 2012 – 3:41 am | 2 Comments

I had a couple of my readers recently contact me with questions as far as how to handle stressful job interviews and how to frame-control and out-Alpha other dudes in social situations. What started out as a simple response became a very detailed breakdown of what frame-control and being Alpha is.
Just like anyone else I am faced with situations or questions that I do not know the answer to. My default response to the unknown is the trust and belief in myself that regardless if I know the answer or right course of action to take now or not, I’ll figure it out and get it done. Even if I mess it up I’ll learn- so no reason to falter. The best way to set myself up for success is to calmly and forthrightly look at a situation and either handle it or realize you can’t and pass it on and simply say “I can’t do it/I don’t know”. I carry that with me in whatever I do. This feeling/belief of self-trust is your right as a human being. It should be taught in school but it’s just not widely known yet. People think you either have “it” or you …

One Focus
February 28, 2012 – 11:35 pm | 4 Comments

I like to have one focus when I go out.
Whether it’s “I’m having an adventure with the buds” or “I’m pulling a girl”, I keep myself focused on the mission at hand. It’s pretty hard to get me focused on anything else.
However- I think the main point here is that I do have a purpose. Whether I’m intent on banging, practicing a particular skill set, or playing pool.. there is something to what I’m doing. This is a big deal- and something I think a lot of guys lack when they go out.
What the fuck are you out for gentlemen..? Get on it. Stay on it.
This will give you clarity of mind and action; and your behavior will follow suit. And this is what girls get a sense of. I ran around last night gaming three girls in the same vicinity- they knew what was going on, but as I was serious and focused, they inherently did not question it.
Do you always have girls asking you where your friends are? It’s probably because they don’t get a sense of purpose about you.
And most people lack this.. so when you do have a …

State Crashes
February 23, 2012 – 11:35 pm | 3 Comments

Interesting phenomenon I see out in the field with other guys, or hear about..
Guys taking off to go home when they see themselves start to have a bad night.
We’re not here to feel good gentleman.  We’re here to get girls, or hang with buds, or increase our skills.  But we’re not here to feel good.  Sure there are some legitimate reasons for taking off- and sometimes hell ya it’s good to take a break; but if you’re slinking off more than one night out of the week.. you’re just being a puss.
I’m talking about state crashes.  A girl or two blows you out, the bartender is “rude” to you, some dude tries to tool you; and you start feeling down.  This is no reason to leave.  You came with a plan.. stick to it.
There were times when I was in the military life sucked.  But quitting wasn’t an option.   It wasn’t something I even thought about.  Besides.. I had others to think about.  Most of you only have yourselves to think about, and you shouldn’t be thinking about yourselves.  See the bigger picture- your skills, your purpose for being out, the people that depend on you for things even if …

Transformers 2
February 22, 2012 – 11:35 am | 4 Comments

I just got back from watching the new Transformer movie tonight.
Shia Labouf and Megan Fox had some great dialogue in the beginning.  Something along the lines of:
“I’m breaking up with you- I hate you”
“That’s great baby.  You sounded almost serious that time.. anyways baby, blah blah”
She threw several fast ones at him and he was completely unaffected by her seemingly scathing rejections.
It was surprising to see the media represent a non James Bond male character unperturbed by a woman’s emotional flutter.  Not that we can blame them.. they’re advertising to the “consumer”.  And apparently all consumers are women.
The point I want to make is that Lebouf had single-minded focus on his purpose.  Lazer-guided direction that could not be put off course by someone else’s emotional misdirection.
Sadly he didn’t get to this point himself- since later on in the movie, as soon as she threw anything else at him he folded like an origami pussy.  Obviously she started this type of hot/cold dialogue and he just learned to play along.
But imagine if he was always like this..
A girl could count on you to not get twisted up every time she had herself a crazy moment, or more importantly when life threw …

Tips on macro-level College Game
February 21, 2012 – 11:35 am | 7 Comments

Check to see if your college has a campus tv station- then start a show. Get your buds on it with you. It could be about anything. Just look good doing it- the skills you learn here are obviously what I’m talking about. You could be 3 dudes sitting on a couch discussing college chicks and it would totally get an audience.
Tell the frats and sororities you have a tv show and want to promote their events, do the same with the sports teams. You’ll be cordially invited and well-received at all their events. Plus your show will be known for advertising all the upcoming parties. Face-time baby.. there’s nothing like it.
If you’re on a sports team then volunteer to be the publicist dude and contact all the sororities and frats asking for their support in getting people to come out to your games/matches/whatever. Actually only contact the sororities. It is amazing how sweet those sorority presidents are when they find out who you are and that you are asking for their “support”.
There are alcohol companies out there that are looking for motivated dudes like you to hardwire events together. Find a cheap venue, hook up with a local alcohol company- …

(Sexual) Buying Temperature
February 16, 2012 – 11:35 pm | One Comment

Something I touched on BIG TIME in my LMR Series part V, is the idea of initiating some kind of sexual dialogue with a girl you’re interested in. This creates a spike in her buying temperature, e.g. how much of  a “desirous” mood she’s in and how sexually complicit she is to you 😉
If you are planning on SNLing a particular girl, or simply increasing your probability of doing so.. you need to do this.  Same as when I say you can’t wait till the end of the night and all of a sudden try to pull her, i.e. you need to have been leading her [around] beforehand; you cannot try to wait till the last second to all of a sudden make the encounter a sexual one.  Understand the only reason why you’d attempt to delay it indefinitely is because you’re scared to, in which case you have no business having sex with a girl anyways ; P.  Or you simply don’t know, or know how to.  It’s time to be made aware of this stage of logistics..
Girls are social creatures.   Put in terms easier to understand.. they respond to their environment.  It’s up to you to determine what …