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Joined: 04/24/2019

Hey guys, 

im new to this and use to be decent when I was younger without knowing it and kinda lost it.

to the point, met this awesome girl and we had an awesome time and kissed her before she left. 

The day day after, I sent a picture of me and my buddy in the elevator holding our noses with the text: me: think someone farted in this lift

her: Saved this kind of jokes for someone else, please

me: You must have met my mom, she said the same thing

her:All moms like me

me: I’m not sure, my mom has very high standards

radio silence

Was it to harsh?(be ice cool, it was not to hard) been a day now and I need some advice on the reengagement part...

any help is welcome :) 

Joined: 01/18/2012
Forget the quid pro quo

Forget the quid pro quo texting. Always feel free to write more especially if you think translation was lost. In this case yes you went a bit too harsh. You're the one that farted, not her, not your mom.

You could go with something silly to reset the mood, "'k talked to my mom you're still invited to my birthday party. If you bake me superhero cupcakes" 


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