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Text Examples: Just throwin up a bunch of my recent ones...

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Nothing special going on here - This is just basic shit you gotta be doin. I used to have a very difficult time getting Day2's, so trust me it gets easier. 

Me: Hey beb, hope you didn't get kidnapped by any pesky hipsters the other night ; ) 

Me: -Garrett 

Girl - 2 hrs 40 mins later: Well hey there. I almost did but then I got out alive haha. Crazy kids they are I hear ;) 

Me - 1 hr 32 mins later: Lmao what's your schedule like this week 

Girl - 11 mins later: Hah :). Schedule is pretty lax. Go out for a happy hour or something. And yourself? 

Me - 18 hrs 25 mins later: Gettin off work round 7. Lets grab una fresca 

Girl - 17 mins later: I'm going to the gym so it's have to be a wee bit later than 7 

Me - 4 mins later: Yeah that's fine. How long does it take you to workout and look pretty after? 

Girl - 13 mins later: I could meet ya somewhere around 9? 

Me - 25 mins later: Sounds good 

Me - 23 mins later: I have a call at 9 so lets make it 945 

Girl - 7 mins later: Sounds good. Donde? 

Me - 1 min later: I actually don't wanna grab a drink. Why don't you just stop by my place and help me walk my dog. I gotta take him for aa long walk anyway 

Girl - 15 mins later: Hah. Goodness. What subway stop runs to your place? 

Me - 30 mins later: You can just take the xxx 

Me: Get off at xx st 

Girl - 42 mins later: Around 945? 


It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great- Manwhore

"Apart from the pulling and hauling stands what I am, Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary, Looks down, is erect, or bends an arm on an impalpable certain rest, Looking with side-curved head curious what will come next, Both in and out of the game and watching and wondering at it."