How to Sext: For Guys and Girls

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That was alot of fun. The best was when you had me pinned up against the window. I get so turned on thinking about it.

Ya. and seeing your luscious ass then sliding down your body and seeing your pussy looking so delicious oh gawd I had to lick it all up

And when you bent me over the table..mmm.. Loved getting picked up and tossed around by you, you’re so strong. Its hot.

I liked it when you wanted me to lay back so you could ride me. The look on your face when you felt me sliding up inside you…

Mmm.. I enjoyed riding you. I was scared your huge dick wouldnt fit inside my tiny lil pussy.

HERE is the definitive guide to sexting for guys and girls.

This is 12 years of naughty writing composition based on years of dating and seducing the opposite sex; all consolidated into one source. I wrote this because Cosmopolitan magazine tried to write an article on it and it was so horrible I almost cried.

Disclaimer: Sexting must be done properly, especially for people you have never sexted with or for people you don’t already have a physical relationship with. For guys who are trying to learn this as a way to seduce girls for the first time.. YES, it can be done.. however, sexting is not a replacement for proper game, and in the hands of a weak practitioner, an impatient one, and most importantly an inexperienced one, it will do you more harm than good!

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For the Women:

First and foremost, make sure there’s mutual acknowledgement of your attraction for each other. If there is, sexting is great, if there isn’t, you’re at risk.

For a lot of young girls attempting to sext with younger guys they’re simply running the risk of having an immature guy judging her or finding it easier and “safer” to just get a kick out of showing her texts to his buddies and looking cool. It’s a typical response for a guy who’d rather not put his ego on the line and make an attempt at sexting back. Plus, 80% of men are completely clueless when it comes to this stuff, even AFTER hooking up with a girl! If a guy gets a sexy text he many times has NO idea how to respond. Don’t blame him it’s just not his style. Guys don’t read romance novels, and they don’t place a lot of importance on feelings or emotions or expressing themselves. So generally you won’t get any kind of worthwhile response anyways.

If you have hooked up with a guy but maybe haven’t had sex with yet and want to get things heated up, either because you’re just feeling kinky, or you want him to move his ass and bait him to meet up with you, sexting is great :)

Here’s a sexting example with a girl that I’d hooked up with before but hadn’t yet had sex with, but we definitely BOTH acknowledged we were into each other:

Her: So what are you doing in Temec?
Me: Working on my cars
Her: Oh cool, well ill miss you in my bed tonight….I’m feeling kind of kinky tonight….
Me: Ya that’s no surprise
Her: LOL :) awwww I wish you were here to put something in my mouth….
Me: Gawdamit
Her: He he he :p
Me: Stick it in you. Slow
Her: Stop it! Unless your going to come over and take care of me :)
Me: I might. Take care of your hot lil kitty. Make you suck on it and get it wet. Before I slide it in you
Her: OMG! What a tease you are…I’m soooo wet right now…..
Me: Ya? Maybe I’ll slide some ice over your you down a bit
Her: MmmM….. Yummy
Her:I wish u were here….
Me: I would take your body if I was
Her: Your naughty…

Here are some good safe tips for the ladies that are sexting guys they haven’t hooked up with yet:


  • Send him PICS.. these are the way into a man’s head for sure. Ask him what he thinks of your new dress or skirt and send a pic.
  • Extra-Special: Find out something he’s good at, that’s casual and fun, and say you want him to teach you. If he’s good at pool that’s perfect. Beer pong, miniature golf, darts, are also good. You can say things like “I’ll be a good little student. I really want to earn an A!” This will get him amped up to no end. (I’ve actually done the reverse of this with girls and gotten laid several times this way 😉 ) You can also follow up with something like “If I get a bad grade are you going to spank me?” HOWEVER, what’s important here is the setup.. you want this to seem innocent at first. Text him and tell him you heard he was good at [insert_whatever_activity] here, and tell him you’ve always wanted to learn and that you would be really grateful if he showed you. Even something like pool, where you think he might have a clue what you’re doing.. he won’t! This is a safe play. And then as he responds and you and him go back and forth you can ramp it up or just go for the actual meetup with him or both 😉
  • During a normal conversation, insinuate playfully that he’s talking about sex, his dick, or something naughty. If he tries to deny it, send “Sure whatever. I wasn’t judging ;)”. So even though he wasn’t ready to return the favor, you still amped up his heartrate for a bit ;), plus you can be SURE you will not be in the friendzone anytime soon!
  • Bring up experiences you HAVE had with him, whether sexual or not, and let him know you had a lot of fun and should hang out again as fast as possible. This will give him the boost he needs to take things farther. Lots of guys are just looking for any sign from a girl.


  • Don’t try to make him jealous or send him a pic of you with another guy(s). Sure this will work on some guys, but those are the wrong guys. Those are the whiners and the bitchers, the ones who are looking to gain some kind of validation by competing with other guys for your attention. A real guy would look at that and immediately declassify you as not being worth any real time.

And here are tips for the ladies texting their partner, or at least someone they have hooked up with already, OR, maybe you just want to get down to business and have this guy come over IMMEDIATELY to fuck your brains out 😉 :

Start Properly:

There’s a couple different ways a woman can correctly initiate sexting with her guy.
If she feels like being blunt and hitting him with a hot surprise she can start with a simple “Baby why aren’t you inside me right now.” Or something else as blatantly sexual. OR, she can hint at “being in the mood” and start off with not so sexually explicit language like “Baby I’m kinda horny right now, what would you do about it if you were here right now.” The second part of that sentence is very important as it forces him to participate. If you want to start even less implicitly, you have to make subtle hints.


  • If he IS someone you’re dating and you’ve gotten past all the initial dating nonsense 😉 then you’ve got free reign to talk about anything you want. I would stay away from the hokey Cosmopolitan nonsense though. A nice “Baby please fuck me I need it” is GREAT and is an immediate home run. Do NOT say “Baby please fuck me good tonight I need it” as this insinuates he sometimes doesn’t fuck you good and that is BAD. You need to stay away from these little negative insinuations.
  • This might sound strange but sometimes insinuating that his dick scares you and makes you nervous will make him hot. It makes him feel powerful and that he’s got emotional and physical control over you and this will get his engine humming. Don’t judge him for it, it’s simply a remnant of his male reptilian brain 😉 Something like, “Baby don’t hurt me tonight ok? Sometimes you make me nervous ‘cuz you’re so mean to my little pussy with your cock.” Damn. Nothing would ever get a man more riled up. Well there are a few others but those are for another article 😉


  • Don’t overdo the “Your dick is SO big” comments. We actually get sick of these after awhile. Give us a day and then remind us again ;). Use other descriptives such as “Baby I love the way you feel inside me” or “Oh my gawd you fill me up!”. I also rather enjoy the occasional “Your penis is perfect!” I had a girl tell me my penis was beautiful, not sure how I felt about that one it sounded weird lol. But she’s an artist so maybe I should take it as a compliment.
  • Do NOT imply he’s better than the rest you’ve been with. You might think you’re complimenting him but you are fucking up royally. No guy wants to have any thoughts of your past lovers in his mind when he’s giving you the business.


I kinda want to feel you inside me right now. That a problem??
Baby I’m in this meeting it sucks I would rather have you fucking me
When do you get off tonight baby? WRONG ANSWER! You get off when I make you get off!
Baby would you mind if I cooked you dinner tonight then while you ate I sucked your cock?
Babe (or other nickname) you wouldn’t mind if I used your dick to get off tonight, would you? I’m kinda horny
Uggh this job is so terrible. Please fuck the pain out of me tonight baby

If you’re looking for something less explicit but still definitely very suggestive:

So do a lot of guys not like getting head? I’m confused
So how do I know if I’m good at giving head or not? Is there really a way to do it bad?
I need a guy to teach me how to be good in bed, I have my doubts
A guy that’s (insert characteristic that this guy thinks he might qualify for/as) is so hot! I kinda want to get dirty with a guy like that

For the Guys:

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I. Proper Way of Sexting

Proper sexual texting means you correctly escalated from casual texting to sexy dialogue with a girl. Basically you have to prepare her for sexting with you, you can’t just start up the horny dialogue without warming her up. As they say, penetrate her mind before you penetrate her body.

Here’s the problem: guys are about the “action”. They want to thrust, and fuck, and ram and penetrate. Girls are different. They want to feel, and be caressed, and imagine being nibbled on, their scalp pulled, their hips tucked in against you. These are the things that get a woman ready to be penetrated. You must take care of this stage first. Only THEN can you tell a girl you want to fuck her hard till she can’t breathe and leave her a quivering little mass of jello 😉

What does this mean in application?? This means you must go from casual texting to “sensual” texting BEFORE hitting porno-style dialogue. It is crucial you hit this stage of sextual escalation..

I’d been doing this for years, but it was my buddy that made me aware of what I was doing. Until he brought up this initial “sensual” stage of sextual escalation, I hadn’t realized why sometimes my sexting was a massive success and then sometimes it sputtered out. By hitting the proper stages of escalation, you communicate to a girl you’re trustworthy and are experienced enough to handle business with her.

So.. first be sensual, when she responds to this and gets into it, THEN you can use stronger sexual language and more “action” type verbage of what you want to do to her. Learn to enjoy the process of written seduction. It is quite luscious to seduce a woman the way she wants to be seduced and to witness it unfold.

There are multiple ways of doing this and below I’ve put down a few examples that include: roleplays, descriptive touching/caressing, appeals to a girl’s nurturing side (while not looking like a weakling), taking control of her body, assigning her womanly chores such as making you a sandwich or being your nurse, or describing a previous encounter with her in a very descriptive fashion.


Create a scenario where you and her are together and it starts to get hot and heavy. This could be silly or it could be serious. E.g. you could say “Girl you’re acting suspicious! I’m going to have to arrest you and search you for contraband.” From here you go into..

Description touching/caressing

Women love to be touched. This is why they are always asking for foreplay before getting fucked, it revs up their motor and gets them all warm and tingly.
(cont’d from example above) Slide my hands all over your body, make sure you’re not hiding anything. Tuck your lil hips in against me, so I feel you against me

Taking control of her body

Women love the feeling of losing control of themselves to a guy who they can trust to take control and will guide them in the direction of good emotions and experiences. (cont’d from example above) Pin your arms to your side so you can’t get away from me. Hold you against me as I feel your lil hips tucked against me.

As you can see I put these all together, but you can use just a couple of them at a time to really get a girl hot and bothered. I also introduced good context for setting up the sextual dialogue. I took her acting “funny” about something, and misinterpreted it playfully about her being suspicious and that i would now need to search her for contraband. Below you can see other examples I used to set up the dialogue,such as being injured after robbing a bank and needing her to be my nurse, or telling her to make me a sandwich (yes womanly duties DO make good text game lol)

Boss Daddy

A very important concept in sexting as well as in general in male/female dynamics is the ability to come off dominant and unquestioning of yourself while also being playful and sensitive to her and aware of her needs. This is NOT about being arrogant or egotistical, because these are both too self-engrossed and emotionally sensitive (e.g. manboyish). The correct vibe is one of you taking care of her while putting her through an amazing experience. Nothing here should trigger a girl’s “feminist” side, because it’s playful. Unless you’re dealing with a sensitive “feminazi” type, then I would tell you to RUN. These types are not worth your time at all. Find other girls.

Real Examples:

Sensual Roleplay

Got it pumpkin. Was thinking I could get busted for robbing a bank and sustained injuries escaping and you had to come be my nurse

Ok I will come be your nurse then.

Perfect. While you are making my lunch (nurse make lunch now) I will admire your sexy lil outfit

Oh really?? Ok you can admire all you want.

Come up behind you slide my hands around your waist. Pull you in against me, interrupt you while you make my sandwich

Mmmm that sounds nice

Slide my arm under your legs and pick you up, set you down on the counter. Lean down and softly bite into your neck as I curl you up into me

Ok I like the sound of that even more

Press your legs down firmly run my hand up between your thighs as I kiss your delicious little lips

Keep going

My phone’s going to shut down will have to keep this going later. But I dont want my sandwich anymore. I want to devour something else

Ok well then get back to me when you can and we will just have to see what else you can devour.

This above is a perfect example of how to use a setup to initiate sexting. Below you can work on developing more..

Drills for Sexting

Develop your own sensual roleplays. Use an easy setup:

Ouch I just kicked my table!


Oh you’re a “dancer”, ehh? Work that pole!

(misinterpret her ‘artsy’ lifestyle as her being a stripper. Turn this into a sensual little stripper role play where you’re her new boss and she needs to audition)

Omg I knew you were a softball type chick! Stay away from my balls!

(when you find out she’s sporty. Maybe create a coach/player sensual role play, or a manager for a pro team she wants to get drafted to)

Ask her what kind of fine silverware she has. Tell her you’re going to come to her house and rob her “all night long”. And make her cook for you while you’re at it. (I pulled a stripper from her club the night I met her working with this role play, then had a threesome with her and another stripper about two weeks later)


Once you get things hot and heavy you can get into more porno-esque language:

Sensual Plus Porno:

I like taking your sexy lil legs and pinning them back so yer lil kitty is exposed to me and its all mine and I look down into your eyes as I slide inside you and feel you on my cock

damn ur sexy

Baby. I’m just thinking about when you were perched in my lap, my thick cock up inside you and you riding me as I hold you in place and squeeze your luscious hips and booty into me so I can go deeper inside you. Feeling the weight of you and gripping that body.. never thought we would experience that together..

Escalated Boss Daddy (Past sensual. Already fucked presumably)

Im going to bend you over and put you in a little ball on your bed with your little ass sticking up then Im just going to sink my dick into that little coochie


Boss Daddy Humor (arrogant but enjoys her. Unquestioning, blunt and unsensual. Boss/employee type joke rapport):

got a stiff proposition for you heard you had an opening

possibly bahahah

Ok. I’d like to fill that slot as soon as possible

(This particular example I got from a porno I saw. There are TONS of good sexual one-liners in pornos, USE them, with a deadpan no nonsense style.

Reliving a shared sexual experience: (The following example is what I consider exquisite and sensuous sexting)

Are you in vegas?

Nope not yet. you texting me up to be mean again?

Im not mean lol. I actually miss you..

Yesterday you said I wasn’t your boy toy and I was on crack

I was just teasing you lol. We need to stop doing that!

I know :/ Tho I do enjoy seeing you in that proper little indian girl dress and then remembering the things I did to you all over my suite

That was alot of fun. The best was when you had me pinned up against the window. I get so turned on thinking about it.

Ya. and seeing your luscious ass then sliding down your body and seeing your pussy looking so delicious oh gawd I had to lick it all up

And when you bent me over the table..mmm.. Loved getting picked up and tossed around by you, you’re so strong. Its hot.

I liked it when you wanted me to lay back so you could ride me. The look on your face when you felt me sliding up inside you…

Mmm.. I enjoyed riding you. I was scared your huge dick wouldnt fit inside my tiny lil pussy.

You do have a tiny little pussy. Its just..smaller n cuter than normal. I could fit it all in my mouth and I definitely ended up stretching it out a bit

I liked watching it hurt you a little bit when I stuck it in. but you were a good little girl and let me turn you into a little whore for my pleasure

I’m glad I gave you your first face fucking

Still cant believe you got me in the eye! Lol. You were so rough with me, but it turned me on. Im so wet right now thinking about it.

I cant wait til you fuck me again.

You are wet down there. I remember when you got in my car you were just so moist and ready for me

I dont know what it is about you but you turn me on so much. I get wet just thinking of you.

I really wanted to 69 you. Just something about having my face in between your legs devouring your little dark private place while I forced you to give my cock pleasure in that warm little mouth of yours

I want to choke on your huge cock again and suck on your balls. Maybe next time ill let you cum on my face.

I want to feel your cock inside of me so badly right now. I love it when you hold me down and take advantage of me.

I’m going to shove my cock in your tiny little holes. Watch your lil eyes stare up at me begging me for more. Think I’m going to tie you up when I see you again

I want you to fuck me in the shower. Im your lil indian slut

Look in your eyes as I grip you and slide u up n down my cock in the shower () I want to undress you out of one of those little indian girl dresses and sacrifice you to my cock

You are such a bad influence on me. i cant keep my hand outta my pants. I want you to pet my pussy.

Gawd I want to touch it too () then stick something real big inside it so you moan cuz it hurts so good

Fak i want you So bad right now. I cant wait to jump on your cock again and scream like a lil whore.

Oh ya I remember that. You come pretty loud. Its REALLY cute

I hope somebody saw you kissing my pussy at the window. I want you to take me in the bar next time. Ill wear a tiny skirt with no panties.

Im sure they did. They were very jealous they wish they could have been raped publicly like that

Oh ya. I’ll fuck you where you can watch everyone while you get pounded

I want everyone to hear me moaning in pleasure as you satisfy me.

Ya I’ll bury it real deep in you. I know a few clubs go od for that

Wow i just came not once but twice thinking about that day in your suite.

Damn. I want to be there for it. How close together

Would we get kicked out if we got caught fucking? You’d have to cover my mouth so i dont scream too loud. One after the other. Felt so good. I need you here to lick up the mess i made.

Depends. Getting “caught” means acting like you’ve been caught. Act normal and the little robots don’t know how to act n you just walk away. I don’t clean up messes I just make them

Is that so lol

But I wouldn’t know because I am a virgin

No way me too! Maybe ill let you pop my cherry.

K babe im really tired. gonna take a nap. Ill talk to you a lil later k

I dunno. my parents wouldn’t approve

Your tired cuz I just made you come from 1000 miles away

End Disclaimer for Guys:
Say you met a girl at the club, or you have classes with her at school and got her phone number. You began texting her or calling her, and things started off well, you guys were having a good conversation. So you suggested a time to meet up so you two could hang out and she was receptive to the idea.. and then you just randomly start sexting her! What happens here is by taking things sexual, you put a LOT of expectations on the girl. All of a sudden your casual little planned meet up is no longer so “casual”. Now the expectation is that it’s more like a consummation of your sextual conversation. And an hour before your date with her she gets cold feet because she’s just not in the same mood she was in earlier when she had that conversation with you and so she FLAKES! Plus she doesn’t want to feel slutty by meeting up with a guy she was naughty with over text, she’d rather just forget the whole thing happened.

The truth of the matter is that this is extremely common behavior for women when they’ve taken things too sexual too soon over text. They get nervous and bail. Girls seem strong and independent, but in reality, at the slightest hint of potential social awkwardness they will gtfo. And in their minds it’s still your fault because “He just doesn’t understand me *sniff*” or “He’s a perv!”

The other reason sexting can potentially set you back with a girl you’ve not “hooked up” with yet, is that if you sext incorrectly, you’re basically demonstrating your lack of experience with chicks, OR, you’re demonstrating you’re a player by going for the gold way too quickly.

Sexting properly follows guidelines that show a girl you know how to make her feel comfortable, understand her, and can get her in the mood before going for sexual intimacy. Funny enough, these are the exact reasons why girls appreciate true players so much.. because a real player can actually navigate a woman properly and make her WANT to get intimate.

Another danger in sexting is actually rather unexpected but somewhat common. You can get a girl all hot and bothered over text SO much that she goes and meets some other guy for some hanky panky! This happens!! So be sure if you’re getting all sexy time with a girl that she’s got no other way out then to fulfill her ramped up desires with you!

Whatever you decide to do however, make sure to have fun! And as always, if you have any questions, send me an email. Manwhore at

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