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11 Comments on "Video Footage: 2008 21 Convention"

  1. Mike

    John, the first part of your speech about standards really hit home for me. I remember reading shit you wrote and you mentioning “being the standard” and I was thinking “what the fuck is this dude talking about.” I just thought you were talking some rubbish in your own reality and what not.

    Now I have a much more CLEAR picture of what you meant (Mad ups to Prince of Persia aswell. Hmm…I’m in Toronto, I should meet up with him!)

    Anyway, I typed up my list of standards and put it on my bathroom mirror. I’m reviewing it before I go to bed everyday and listing all the ways I followed my standard and all the ways I could’ve done better. It’s just made me realize how EVERYTHING counts. Your subconcious mind doesn’t know the difference between little and big shit. I knew this already but your speech put it into words.

    In my opinion, to make your speech even better you can do the theory in the beginning, and then list practical, SPECIFIC excercises/things people can do.

    Thanks to your ideas and writings, and my consistency, I’m experiencing dramatic positive shifts in my life. Respec.

  2. Pimp of Persia

    Yeah, this tickles my fancy. To hear you read my shit out loud to a group of POOAHs… mwahaha! Brilliant speech Johnny. Not many men who can communicate so casually, yet so powerfully.

  3. Kaushik

    awesome speech.You are a great speaker.
    I can see just the way you speak how centered you are. My question is i am just beginning to discover this stuff and could you suggest some ways in which i can increase my centeredness?
    Tyler says- go through more bullshit:)
    But rather than trying to find my center through repeated emotional rejections every night, is there something i can do when i am at home or on the subway so that being centered becomes a default state?


  4. TheReverend

    Hello manwhore :). I’m sixteen years old and have been on the path to complete emotional mastery for about 6 months now I’d say, through daily meditation and trying to be in the now.

    What you said about living up to your own expectations really resonated with me and goes hand in hand with what circumstance and pua have been trying to teach me. I now have an idea of what it truly means to be a man. Handling your shit first and foremost. Then the fun you have will be that much more fulfilling because you deserve it. I think my game has perhaps “jumped” ahead of my personal development and that would account for the stagnation I feel now.

    I just wanted to say thank you this was a real eye opener and I have downloaded Tolle’s audio on your recommendation. I Have have already seen some improvement through meditation and I hope this can help to bring me further along that path and help shape me personally and allow me to see without filters and enjoy life fully. time to handle my shit and become a man. Once again thanks and keep it up man, you are definitely one of my role-models.

  5. TheVillan

    Hey i really liked the footage, iv watched it maybe 3 times and i really enjoyed it. I had the TOLLE audiobook already in my ipod, when you say to just pop in the tolle anywhere you go, for example lets say im in a party wouldnt it be difficult to focus on what tolle is saying since your in a party interacting or do you just listen to it unconciously while talking to people?

  6. William

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