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Joined: 01/03/2018

This is soooo where it’s at. It’s just hard to keep that vibe though! 

I mean yo, this is when you’re absolutely BULLETPROOF and sooo above it all that you don’t fucking have any energy “leakage” powering all that other garbage niggas carry around.

Brooo, just a little raising of the eyebrow, a fucking look or a smirk makes these bitches fucking melt in front of you and they totally just forget who they are. Boyfriends? Other guys? 

They cease to exist. All she sees is you for that time. 

It communicates so many good things about you, unbothered, yet engaging. This is like the master level of “attraction” Game. You’re not blocking your energy, you’re directing it but not even forcefully. Gently. 

True Dominance. So secure. So unphazed. Why would girls fuck ANYONE else lol