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2 Months of Coaching with Manwhore-Desired Results

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Joined: 02/20/2014

Ok, wanted to post here, and officially endorse Manwhore's Weekly Skype Training Course simply due to the fact that it totally worked for me......I am more than well on my wayand only will get alot better in due time...My story goes as follows, basically I've been what I consider to be a 'Life Long Intermediate,' I do posess some natrual skills and have enjoyed moderate, streaky success with chics in the past, training with MW has taken me to being a more charasmatic, robust, and much less flawed masculine engerized, highly communicative, smooth purveyer of pussy....In the past, I've taken a bootcamp with Lovesystems and a Hotseat with RSD, both experiences fell short of my expectations.  MW did not disappoint....

The sessions started with some basic background on me, and right off the bat, first week, he gave me practical, sensible advice on how to gain contact info from girls without breaking the emotional bank, maintaining value, and social proofing the shit out of yourself....If you just stuck with that, you could get far, but there's alot more...

After the first week one of the first things that I noticed, was that my auroa/presence around the ladies was much improved, I get that 'Who the Fuck is This Guy? ' vibe more often than not, this is due to in part to one specific excercise MH teaches students in the early stages of study.

Quality of Chics Keen On Me Has Improved Tenfold-not by coincidence

MH is patient, encouraging, a skilled teacher, great listener, and possesses the credentials needed to lead his students to success no matter what stage of the game you might find yourself.

My results in 2 Months

Dozens of #'s, bunch of meetups, in various stages of progression
Quick Pull Leading to Fuck with Super Cute 25 Latina from Downtown Bar
From Bar to Friend's Jacuzzi to fuck Hot Korean-2 Hours of Time Elapsed
Daytime Number Close to Same Day Date to My Couch Fuck
Quick Number Close Leads to Next Day Starbucks Date-Casual Convo about Vice Documentaries leads to Car BJ-less than an hour

So yeah, I would consider mine a success story, even with my pickiness I've seemed to rack up the variety/numbers.....

MH will teach you shit that will help you a ton with girls and will also transition into different areas of life, you will become more masculine, solid, expressive, well rounded, ect.....

Beats the shit out of any bootcamp, better than a hotseat, MH is a master of his craft....Thanks John!.....

Joined: 01/18/2012
Dude this is awesome man,

Dude this is awesome man, thx! Yes I'm very proud of the progress you made and dude on top of that you also represent a segment of the manpop that's SUPER resistant to being trained and learning new things. The fabled 35+ category! Lol 


I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

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