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"spring is past, summer has gone, winter is here and the song i meant to sing remains unsung for i have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument..."

2012: looking back
point blank simple: as heart-dropping as it was to accept : i didn't grow enough as a person. . Its alright because it shows me where i am lacking and where i need to be to get good. by me accepting my results of last year, i can chart a plan for a success this year. I just have to be better.

why 2013 will be a success?
- i will hit the ground running, not dilly dally, proscanite etc. not reactive but proactive . not hem-hawing. I waisted a lot of time in 2013.
- will build 10x more mental and emotional strength, all these thing doing 1000s of sets, the fact that i will frame controlling bitches, the fact that i will be forceful with my willpower.
- avoid being burned-out.
- get help from the right people soon as you can. .

develop real core internal strength, strong frame, and replace my nice guy behaviors with "assertive"/ high value behaviors . ( e.g. not qualifying , etc)


most important is to hit the ground running: dont let the year get out of hand. dont live in a mental fog.

( over all this time, as were building more and more social skills and pushing oursevles -- our social awareness increases )

feb 10-18 - mainly errands galore.

feb 18th- March 4th.:

-fixing the self defeating thought patterns, foundational belief systems ( living my positive self - esteem belief systems , fix your internal thoughts.
-develop that self discipline skillset - ( to be able to execute the fundamentals getting present, full on expression , and being loud , opening a lot of sets.)

March 4th - March 18th -

- just implement those assertive "rules" in my interactions. in external interactions.
(those self assertiveness self esteem behaviors, , conscious make it a point to really - no more mr. nice guy etc implementing that belief systems.)

March 18th - April 8st
using working out to develop mental strength , and being able to not to proscanate, able to stay out there for hours at a time and then being able to open like a million sets each night. not hiting the ground running/not waisting or living in a mental fog/ not waisting a day.

April 8th - April 22nd
frame control, basically reading that PIMP game and enforcing that reality on to her. enforcing my reality/sexuality.

April 22nd - May 6th

learning to make it happen iow- "doing whatever it takes" to the bitter end keep the interaction going. logistics control.

May 10th ( as my MAY_DAY_ ( If I do not have 4 lays by this time : )

if by this time we still haven't gotten it we need to really look at "extreme" measures, go into sales full time, or go get a leadership position or go get mor extensive training.

p.s. the quote above is about:
about regret from a man whose life was half lived. he was always getting ready to be a dreamer, to sing that great song of his life, and he was going to sign a song of the great possibiities of his life, but then he just got busy being busy and so he missed out on the great song of his life.