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24 y/o Bulgarian beauty - bumble (tinder like app)

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Joined: 04/20/2012

24 y/o bulgarian beauty. This convo was a lot more drawn out. Not very flirty, more getting to know each other but sexuality is thrown into it as well. Online stuff has obvious intent so there is still a man/women vibe while steering towards the meetup even though we are talking about work n' shit. Haven't met up yet although there are two attempts below... We agreed to this week, I just need to nail down logistics and it'll be a done deal. Super kewl girl, seems put together and family orientated. 

her: how did you like paris?

me: Hi! u r a q t 

me: paris was fantastic, only got to spend a few days there tho

her: I thought paris was amaizng too! How long did you spend there?

her: I was there fora  week adn it didnt feel like enough time. 

me: you have been away a lot eh? yeah same, I was only there barely 5 days. Enough to see a lot of the sights but could have used an extra week. More time on off the beaten path and checking out more of the city

her: not too much but definitely slowly making my way around!

her: oh I made it my mission to check out some of the quieter places in paris. I missed out on going in the lourve and going to montmatre in order to fit some adventures in. but i figured id definitely go back to paris so i dont want to see everything at once.

her: what about you? where else have you travelled?

me: atta girl. I didnt so much enjoy all the walking around montmatre lol. i had shitty shoes that whole trip and paris is such a walking city. id love to go back my friend has family in normandy and they go all the time

me: been a lot of places its been a few yers though since Ive been anywhere other than BC

me: im overdue

her: i made sure to pack comfortable tshoes knowning i will need to walk around! but that blows it really is a walking city! 

her: im sure youll go back eventually! its such a beautiful city so much history an things to see!

her: you should go back and visit your friends family thatd be a great trip too. 

her: why BC? do you have fmaily there

me: ya a cousin in vancouver and friends just outside. I went to go visit, i've been a bunch of times for ski trips. 

*she uploads a new photo* me: oh goodness you look HAWT as a lady in red

me: whats up baby boo how was your day

me: I just finised work and am picking up my boxer nephew riley *heart eyes* 

her: ahh you ski as well? thats awesome Ive always wanted to ski in western canda. bur the planning and getting people to join is a pain in the butt!

her: my day was rough, my stomach had quite the fit in the morning and I was pretty sick, but I feel a little better now. How about you? How was your day?

her: aha thank you you are too kind *blushes*

her: awww thats cute

me: lol I love skiing but ya its tough to organize, BC is so far away. 

me: awww poor thing. riley was sick the past two days too... rigggght before I got him. 

me: Im exhausted today. Im working for my bro in law while he is away, taking care of his business. need the wknd

her: well hopefully he is feeling better 

her: any exciting friday night plans?

me: ya hes been good today thankfully

me: nothing scpieal maube just grabbing some dinner soon

me: but im driving now! text me your number babe. what are you up to this wknd

me: 696-969-6969

*three days later*

me: yah its kewl dont text me. I didn't like your haircut anyways *snob emoji*

her: ahah sorry I havent really checkd back here all weekend. I was quite busy *covering eyes*

her: ouch the haircut is a low blow considering I work at a salon *grin* ahahha

her: totally kidding Ill send a text nowwww

*she texts me. we interview each other a bit, asking what we do for work and what not. lots of long texts, not going to type them up...*

her: I studied ecnomics/policy

her: yes I live in **** with my mom and sis. female kingdom *princess*

her omg *heart eyes* your roomie is so cute, no offence... but can i get his number

me: beauty and brains *heart*

me: haha ya its been a nice change but im ready to finish, ever since he has left its been stressing me out to finish while im in between places. but he is planning on bring his product over to north america so im working on that for him. 

me: awww femlae kingdom lol. Cute. Umm ya.. He doesnt text Im his message taker though

me: *paw print* he says hi. and if you wanna pet him he would be ok with that too. 

her: aaah that makes sense your job doesnt stop while you do his.. almost done?

her: blah blah blah

her: yaddda yadda

her: Im the worst with dogs I see one and I have to pet it and eventually i end up hugging it and trying to run off with it. I was 20 minutes late to work once because I had to stop and play with my neihgbours dog. 

me: lol aww now I wanna play with you and riley. 

me: but Ill ttyl cause Im driving now, and might crash unless I can drop off riley on the way 

me: ill roll down the window and get him to wave when I pass

her: that would be fun :) hahah

her: hahah yes tell im to wae or bring him here thatd be cool too! i have the space *blush* my condo even has a pet room

me: are you for cereal?

me: your mom is cool with strange boys invading the female kingdom late night

me: im pretty scrubby but maybe I can stop by for a bit before I head on east

me: sorry snugglebutt just passed by, we can rain check for another day though

me: hahahah just read those dog messages your're cute. but steal riley and your're in for the spanking of a lifetime. he's mine! 

me: blah blah 

me: yadda yadda *reponds to all her earlier messages* 

her: hahah moms definitely not that cool but shes pretty understanding of certain scenarios. ahh shit sorry i didnt see the messages until now, I was hanging out with my sister. its probably for the best aside from my hair which looks amazing today I was totally homeless. 

me: lmao its cool Im in work sweats and a dirty shirt. 

me: too bad he wanted to have a play date. 

her: i mean I cant make promises i cant keep about dogs that i may or may not kidnap. look at it this way, I kidnap riley, the owner comes back and you tell her a tragic story of some psycho who stole him, she forgives you and we get to share riley. looks like a win win to me. 

me: *devil smiley* now you are thinking. aside form teh part where she forgives me thats a fasntastic idea. 

me: we'd make great partners in crime *love kiss*

her: bonnie and clyde

her: except without the shitty dying

LOL she dropped the bonnie and clyde on me! That was a forum staple. We build off that scenario a little bit and then keeping bantering over the next couple days. we talk about our schedules a bit.. Im carrying on the conversation while trying to find some time to meet up since I wasn't able to score on the late night invitation she gave me. 

her: i can work around my chedule but I usually need notice. 

her: ahaha this is my whole issue, hence the tinder/bumble. i work pretty flexible hours/days so its never the same, so i dont get out much and when i do its with friends and gnerally dont ditch them to hang out with a stranger i just met

me: yeah same here. Im just finally a litlte more flexible for the next 2 weeks

me: aha thats a good reason. I dont go out too much these days, once in a while so its usuaully with friends or for special occasions. 

her: aha definitely need to make a plan to hang out this week may be a little crazy considering my wokr crap but maybe we can work around it :) 

Done deal, I just need to figure out when we can settle something. I dont want to jump over there last minute for like 40 minutes, but am going to try to set something up where we at least have a few hours together... Got in trouble recently for trying to rush things with the other girlie lol. She said her reason for tinder out of the blue, in relation to having a fickle schedule. Actually a pretty good reason to give girls. I don't know about you guys but I probably get the "so why are you on tinder" about 50% of the time. 

Going to figure out a plan and then hopefully update this within the next couple of days!