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About girls posting/sharing stuff on your Facebook wall

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Joined: 03/01/2012

These girls could just as easily text me or PM me. Instead i feel like as time goes by they get comfy with me, they start convos on my wall just to fend other women off lol....

Like I have a fuckbuddy who secretly likes to stalk me on Facebook. A few months ago she flipped out when this girl pointed out on my wall that i left my comb with her... which is usually a sign that i slept at her place lol. She went MIA and i found out from a source that she thiought i dont want to see her anymore lol.... God i have so much to learn because she actually told me to fuck off and sounded firm as hell :P

So today one girl who is a work in progress posted on my wall a link to this club she wants to go to with me and i have yet to entertain a convo on there... im just going to text/call her lol.

You think this is something to tuck under the rug or do you think they're potentially up to something?

*kicks feet up and sips on white wine*