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When it first came out I posted a review on the stuff on here.

Here's the updated content. I'm gonna put the title of the content then my thoughts. The first following are 3 pieces of content in one thought.

Myth Buster: Are “Religious” or “Good Girls” Harder to Pickup?

Advanced Strategy: Balancing Logistics vs Escalation

How To Handle Amogs Like A Boss & Steal Their Women

Not anything brand new I haven't learned through experience, though would have been helping to know earlier on in my journey. BUT I have a TON of experience going out. So I'd imagine the wow factor for most people would be much higher for this content, because it is very insightful and very accurate information that I got from crystallizing a ton of experiences.

Loved the story/field report he told in the amog video. Overall these were great to see, even if it's stuff I figured out, it gets more solidified when a guy with Manwhore's authority can sign off on it.

Text Convo: Model “10” Gets Flown Around The World For Photo Shoots

This one I learned a bit more from. A learned a bit more about how to talk/text in a way that's high status, and engaging without being accommodating.

Text Game Manual: “Reengagement Game”

This was great to read. It's stuff I already noticed about Manwhore's textgame from his other texts. Cool to see him explain what he's doing. A lot of his text stuff you can apply to real life verbal game. ie " come up with funny little arrogant statements about myself, or how my day happens to be going". I guess this is 'cocky funny'? Most of the stuff I seen about it just seems lame to me. I can actually see myself using Manwhore's structures and even specific lines.

Approaching: Assuming Power & Respect

This one was pretty great. It's about how girls have an initial fear when they're first approached. He gets deep into the psychology and emotion of what the girl is feeling when they're first approached. It definitely pushed the envelope of my understanding of this topic, and it will have an effect on how I'll handle any initial awkwardness I have on the open. At this point of my journey, deeper understandings of their emotion and psychology have a bigger effect than any technique, because if I know what's going on, I can adapt to the situation. So this was one of my more favorite videos.

Advanced LMR: When Girls Go “Cold” Or Unreactive.

Like the approaching assuming power/respect video I reviewed above, he goes into the emotions/psychology into what a girl is thinking/feeling/assuming when she goes cold. I think he could have gone more in detail like he did with the approaching video . . . or, that's all there is to her mind in those situations.

But in times when she's being cold on purpose, I have an itch that there's more to it than her just testing if you're one of those guys who 'knows whats up' or is 'doubting himself'. Not that this is wrong, but I have a feeling there's some more layers to this or perhaps a more elegant explanation. Or, maybe that's all there is to it.

Manwhore MiniManefesto.

I thought it was great. I mentioned before that Manwhore has a unique schema of game principles, just like any top Game coach. And it was great to hear them in manifesto form. I sorta backwards engineered his schema from reading all of his other content.

That being said, he definitely has the juice to make a huge manifesto like Pimp, Jeffy Show, Boss, etc.

1st Date Lay Text Convo: Girl Calls Him A “Player”

Best for last. I was very very impressed. It's been a long time where my mind was significantly rewired from PUA material. I've read it 3 times. This wasn't Manwhore btw, this was one of his students.

While he was doing some very layered, balanced and accurate stuff in being firm in his principles and not being emotionally effected. . . . he was doing what I interpreted as being needy and try-hard. For example he texted a ton more than she did. I would have imagined the girl would have interpreted this as try hard. I had to rewire in my mind the true dynamics of the situation.

He was being honest and expressive, and it's just that it took a lot of text to convey that, because he's an intelligent person.

So yes, 'my mind was blown'. PUA material does a true rewiring of me maybe 2x a year. Most of the rewiring experiences happen from my own experiences in the field. So very impressed in the rare instances a pickup material can do that to me.

BONUS Review.

Manwhore's seminar with Sasha Daygame.

This isn't in Manwhore's monthy thing, this is from a Sasha Daygame product that was guesting Manwhore.

This is bit premature because I listened to it in the car but manwhore was giving a lot of physical escalation techniques that you needed to see. But it was good stuff. For example, he mentioned the number one eye contact mistake guys make, that I've never seen mentioned anywhere else. And it's perplexing to me because it's the most common mistake. Why has no one else mentioned it yet? Disclaimer these days I mostly look at RSD's stuff, and sometimes Love Systems and Alex Socials, tho back in the day I looked at everything.

As someone who goes out a lot sometimes I get perplexed when I hear when RSD instructors have trouble coming up with new content. It's like hello, there's a ton of stuff you can mention. Manwhore seems to be the only guy who seems to be mentioning this shit.


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