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Anyone remember K-user? He was on the forum years ago.. had lots of good texting threads

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I forgot to include him (along with a few others) in the "Best Of" thread so hoping someone wants to contribute in this case and tell us what they remember from this wild kinky motherfucker. He trained with me for three months, had a lot of hangups then hit a climax and pulled seven girls seven nights in a row, going solo in NYC. He was BuddhaGames wing for awhile as well lol. They had some fukt up times I'd hear about it every week lol. 

He was one of those guys that struggled SO HARD with text game, come to find out he was working in NYC while going to college, only sleeping four hours a night on average. #fuktup #getrektkid His long-term memory consolidation was SH*T. Lol. Always get your sleep kiddos. And take care of your health. Unless you're in the shit. In which case I salute you. Go forward and dig deep. From such, come warriors.  


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