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Joined: 03/30/2017

Sup y'all, anyone still active here? I'm back, I've been in a relationship for about a year now but we're separating because she's moving to South Africa for work, woohoo!

So I've gotten a little safe and cozy and my game muscles need to start being worked out again.

I have much better in person game and I usually do better after a bit of knowing someone. I can definitely meet someone and take them straight to bed later depending on the context.

Anyway, I lose women in the early messages, but if I can get them out and our personalities click then I'm home free. So I need to get my texting and OLD skills up to par.

So just gonna start logging my convos and hopefully I learn something by just typing it out, but if anyone has wisdom I'm happy to listen. I know I'll only get back what I put into it so I'll do my best to show my investment.

Here's a text convo from an OkC cutie from this morning so far:

Me: Damn Anna, you are so adorable that you make a baby deer look like a pile of shit (thanks jihad)

Her: ahaha thanks *laughing emoji x2*

Me: you got it *kissy wink face*
Me: So what's up? Happy Fri-YAY AMIRITE? lol

Her: agagh
Her: Yes!
Her: I'm so excited my best friend and I are going HARDCORE shopping today
Her: Do you have an Instagram?

Me: Agagh? Sounds like you need the hind lick maneuver *laugh emoji*
Me: HARDCORE?! I'll have to see what you find on the hunt

Her: Hind lick Maneuver?
Her: And ofc you do!

Me: yeah but I don't post much. Check out my pinned and tagged stuff [@instaname]
Me: Yeah that's what you do when people are choking isn't it? *hmm emoji*
(20 min later)
Me: (that was a joke btw ;P)
Me: What's your insta?
Me: And just found this today, weirdest freaking thing, Friday is going well [link of this crazy monkey] (I think this and the hindlick helped my case a lot


Me: lmao noooo don't die, that's the opposite of what I want

She followed me on insta so the conversation moved there

Her: [weird freaking video of her goofing off with insta filters]

Me: [weird video of me moving my tongue around with the big mouth filter and the caption "WHAT THAT MOUTH DO"

Me: I'm a fuckin weirdo but it seems you are too praise be
Me: After checking out your instagram idk if this will work out tho...

Her: Why?

Me: Three of my coworkers are with architects. I like to go against the grain *laugh emoji*

Me: We could do it, but you'd have to have some serious sneaky skillz. You should get a sexy spy outfit so we can match Ms.Hardcore shopping

Not sure where to go from here. I feel like I'm getting somewhere with minimal effort but I'll probably loose her interest soon. If she leaves me hanging I'll just follow up toward the end of the working day to get pics and see how the shopping went. Of course I think I could've asked when shopping was over and made plans for tonight probably but I've got stuff to do unfortunately.

Anywho, that's all for now.