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Lemme know how it looks boys. Trying to emulate that Bateman flow and keep things friendly with an edge of sexuality. Met this girl a few years ago down at my families beach house, We've hungout a few times, fingered her on the beach drunk as hell, but thats about it.

Me: Hey! hows life been?

Her: Hey! who is this? sorry I got a new phone

Me: Its meow your best friend from the beach

Her: meow! hey

Me: wassup hows school been

Her: so great, how about you?

Her: where are you going next year?

Me: (college)!

Me: wait your doing another year of highschool right (teeth clenched emoji)

Her: ahhh i remeber you talking about that! congrats!

Her: yeah haha totally regret that

Me: well if you like school right now than it wont be too bad

Me: but you wont be a badass college student like me (sunglasses emoji)

Her: yeah but Ive got a whole extra year

Her: hahah im getting there

Me: homie your gonna be extra smart no worries

Me: guess hwere I am rn

Her: I hope so, where are ya?

Me: good ole (town)

Her: also guess whos moving to the beach...

Her: lucky

Me: really like all year round

Me: ?

Her: yeah....

Her: so ill be there all the time

Me: nice!!

Me: but youll only have fun when im there ;)

Her: were hanging out

Her: hahaha tru (sunglasses emoji)

Me: when is this happening

Her: may 12th

Her: totally last minute

Me: wow thats soon

Me: youll have to remind me again I start going down a lot around memorial day weekend

Her: I will for sure

Her: do you have a job down there?

Me: nah I work in (town)

Me: hbu

Her: im trying to get a job in (beach town)

her: get one down there!

Me: your best bet is (....) marina

Me: youll prolly get hella tips

Her: yeah thats what im trying to do!

Her: do you know anyone who works there?

Me: no i dont

Her: im trying for (restraunt)

Me: waiter?

Me: I mean waitress lol

Her: waitress? yes

Her: haha yeah

Me: hmm I could see you doin that

Her: I hope I get it! it will be a good way to stay occupied

Me: for sure! and if you get scared of customers you can run home (kissy face emoji)

Her: hahaha true true, good advice

Her: are we running this summer?

Me: yeah that was fun! id be down

Me: I feel like we coulda had more fun thoo

Her: lets do it

Her: easily

Me: hey (name) im going fishing now but sounds like ill see ya in a few weeks :)

Her: for sure! see ya