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Biden Compares Jan. 6 Capital Protestors To Southern Democrat Slaveowners Who Ripped Families Apart & Forced Illiteracy

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Confederates and Southern Democrats ripped black families apart. They sold them into slavery. They forced them to be illiterate, refused them education, rights, freedom.

Sounds like the Democratic Party now, yeah?

The Democrats were literally the party of the old Southern slaveholders, but Biden is saying that the people currently trying to stop them from getting up to their old tyrannical ways are worse than they (the actual slaveholders) were back when they actually had slaves? Excuse me??

Could anyone fall for such a self-serving ploy? Are they trying to place slavery on a spectrum of severity and then compare it to protesting? PFF. Are they trying to make the case that Capital protestors are deserving of slavery? Ha! Are we in opposite land now? This is 100% state-mandated Doublespeak.

And for walking into the capital and taking selfies? Versus the Southern Democrats who enslaved families? Some of those protestors got escorted in, or at least beckoned in.. by capital police. We're all pretty sure slaves never opted into that program. They were forced in. Which also sounds similar to the Democrat Party's efforts to force the "Green Deal" on the U.S. and completely change our way of life to fit their whims.

What's next? It's not like they'd confuse sex for gender and have fake men competing as women in sports, right? Oh wait. They've. Already. Done. That.

It's not like they would pass legislation to legally allow adult males who are willing to expose themselves in front of children, to expose themselves in front of children, right? Oh wait..


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