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Biden Strands 11 Thousand Americans in Afghanistan, Yet Seeks to Import 20,000 Strong Afghan Army to switch sides?

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There's multiple accounts, both military and civilian, detailing the sheer level of fraud going on regarding the billions of dollars worth of U.S. funds dispersed into Afghanistan. Afghan military commanders were known to keep up to three quarters of troop funding for "ghost soldiers", e.g. soldiers that only existed on paper but not actually in the military unit itself. Except now we can see that in reality they DID exist. Once the American stand-down was called, these military commanders just waved money and food to the Afghan soldiers who instantly changed colors. The whole thing was planned and orchestrated. All that money going to "ghost soldiers", funded the instant Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

And now what.. 11 thousand Americans left in Afghanistan? Biden comes back to sing koombaya then heads back to vacation? You've got Taliban soldiers in control of the capital and major Afghan cities waving rifles shouting "death to Americans".

What is this incompetence. Is this a brazen attempt to invite mutiny by U.S. military personnel bent on rescuing Americans? Another planned "insurrection" for Pelosi to rail about? What about the fake military generals? Will General Milley finally call it quits and take up his dream job of becoming a spokesman for elderly men who wear adult diapers? Biden in a tepid medium, Milley in buxom XXL.

This is no fluke for America's top military brass. General Milley has long abandoned his post. He politicized his duties, employed doublespeak, to slander a president, and betrayed his duties.

His publicized breakdown after Trump's march to St. John's church was his actual politicization of the event. Otherwise it was his duty to stand with and protect the President. And the President marched to St. John's church and raised the Bible. Yet contrary to his Milley's personal narrative, it wasn't political for him as a soldier until afterwards when he got on his webcam apparently so fearful of Trump's "white rage" that he publicly shit his pants, and shed his duties.

Yet he claimed it was Trump's fault, shifting the blame and the attention away from the fact that his duties weren't being politicized till he made his little home video.

And now what.. you've got a bunch of diaper wearing "heroes" in military positions of power who are going to "protect" Joe Biden from "insurrectionist" attempts "linked" to Republicans, conservatives, and ACTUAL military thwarting these brazen attacks on America?

But now the DOD wants to import 20,000 of these color changing Afghans to America and house them on an Army base. Hold up.. is that an invasion force? It sure sounds like it. Sounds like a repeat of the funding of America's enemies to attack us. And now we're paying to ship them here.

At the very least this is a 1) cheap, 2) highly trained, 3) private army with 4) combat experience. All of it only allegedly, of course. Who knows what their actual experience or training is.

And once this newly imported Afghan army is out of direct supervision, how will they act? Just like their Taliban cousins in Afghanistan? How will they treat American civilians? American daughters and women?

Stop the DOD from importing this 20,000 strong private Afghan army directly into America. It is insanity