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Big Tech Monopolies’ Reign Continues Because Conservatives & Voter Base Lack the Resolve to Act on Their Own Convictions

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Where are the communication hubs to rival Facebook and Twitter? Where’s the community building? The business and growth building? The ability to build brand awareness and exposure?

You allow Facebook to put their agent before Congress within days of her declaring herself a whistleblower, yet her entire synopsis is a disguise for Facebook to continue their monopolistic practices by creating the basis to suppress any competition before they get too big by declaring that anyone attempting to compel their users to spend more time on their platform is acting unethically. Except this is the ENTIRE point of information hubs of communication, production and wealth building.

How silly.

Do you think Facebook owns the monopoly on private groups, tagging other users in posts, articles and information centers? You fear a legal apparatus that exists based on a supposed monopoly on practices of HUMAN INTERACTION.

Don’t fall for the cheap tricks. Don’t be weak.

Do we need to bring back Myspace? What’s Tom up to. He’s still all our friend, right?

Myspace was purchased so they could destroy it. Same with Skype. Same with plenty of other networks, platforms and technologies.

Don’t fall for the cheap paradox of being called “copycats” by the same people that have STOLEN their users’ data and sold it for billions. It’s an absurd paradox. Their businesses are just shallow renditions of basic human communication networks. There’s nothing proprietary there, except for what they continue to steal from their users. Mark Zuckerberg is a thief. Bill Gates is a thief. They stole their businesses from colleagues they didn’t create anything new. And their true natures revealed themselves in the machinations of their future companies. How much American intellectual property has been stolen through these platforms? How much medical anti-vax misinformation was spread on Facebook groups in the last several years before Covid-19? But now that we have Covid-19 vaccines that actually DO damage these same platforms weaponize their OWN lack of credibility in this area against those who now legitimately question mRNA vaccines. What a model we provided the Chinese, huh?

Tik Tok continues to spread its juvenile dysfunction across multiple levels. Hogging our children. Yet traditional American sources don’t create their own networks? C’mon dum dums.

GETTR is absolutely pathetic. It is barely a skeleton of a social media platform. It lacks basic functionality, it does NOTHING for its constituents. Is this an echo of the very nature of the GOP? Because so far much of what we’re seeing from supposed conservative and traditional online networks follows this same pattern.

Gab appears to be a subtle yet distinctive astroturfing of the Christian base. They decry the influence of supposedly secular figures influencing young men and youth, yet provide only very mediocre content, and plenty of vitriol. They continuously plant the seeds of anti-Semitism, a highly untrustworthy activity.

The Rothschilds have been incredibly good stewards of humanity, planting the seeds of foundational education, altruism and wealth building. And then providing banking to compliment those same pursuits.

Oil and steel and railroad dynasties? They were builders, suppliers, travelers. Guardians of the human spirit.

It is only socialist banks that hoard and steal wealth from their populations, and decimate them.

Know the difference.


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