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Joined: 04/02/2015

Two bumble convos:


Her: Hey

Me: Hey there monkey pie!

Her: Haha monkey pie?

Me: Chimpanzeebra

Her: Hahahaha

Me: If you're cool, I'll take you to the zoo

Me: Don't be some kind of creeper that is already on my Facebook or outside my house and make me have to judge you

Her: Hahahaha nope I'm not

Me: Be more of a challenge 

Me: Gosh

Her: I wanna go to the zoo see the polar bears

Me: When

Me: I'm not free until after this weekend, but we're spending time at the monkey exhibit. Maybe we'll see the polar bears if you behave. 

Her: Lmao I'll see whatever I want no one tells me what to do lol

Her: But monkeys are cool

Me: I know you are but what am I

Me: Girl talk like that and you'll be stuck with the iguanas

Her: Lol yeah ok

Me: I'm going to build a new internet this

Me: one is not fast enough

Her: Sounds like a good endeavor

Me: When are you free for the zoo, I'll take you there on my internet once its finito

Her: Hahahaha just gonna take me to the zoo already? What if I'm a serial killer jeez

Me: Try to let the little kids see though

Me: Tbh I'm monkey overlord and they'll have my back. Which is why I take all first dates to the 

Me: Yea you guessed it

Me: Zoo

Her: Hahaha oh yea? And how does that work for you

Me: I'm still here aren't I

Her: Lol well the zoo is always fun

Me: If you make it past day two you might get to see my eel

Me: At the aquarium, he's even more aggressive than the monkies

Her: Lmao yeshhhhh I'm sure

Me: But he's a great pal if you're not a murderer fer sure

Me: You say yes like Sean Connery

Me: Look it up. Here's my number (#). Text me a cute emoji and maye I'll take you out when I get back

Her: Hahahaha get back from?

Me: Emoji...

Me: And Tampa (sunglasses emoji)

(seconds later texts me a bunch of monkey emojis)

Her: (on bumble) Enjoy