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Chicks who are into you, and Breaking it off with chicks

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Hey dudes, so wanted some input on this subject for all the players on here.   I've been having a decent time in the game and been getting laid more often than usual.  The issue I wanted to bring up was like how do you go about breaking it off with a chick before she catches feelings for you.  Like this happened to me before and while I have been banging other girls there is one chick who I can tell just genuinley likes me.   Shes not like that obsessive oh Im crazy about you type of irrational girl who just likes you cuz you run good game and is infatuated with youre manliness,  like I can tell she likes me for who I really am, if you know what I mean.  Now before I banged this chick I kinida wasn't even going to do it.  I was feeling really guilty about it for some reason, like Im opening up the potential for this chick to have feelings for me only to have it go nowhere.   So the night I was gonna lay her I kinda just dindt go for it.  I talkted to a freind about this and he just thought I was being stupid.  Like for girls where you know internally that its just attraction or a one night stand situation Im completley fine with it and I don't really give a fuck but every once in a while a get a chick that gives me this vibe and rather than hurt them I try to pull away. 

Anyway I ended up banging her,  but I still kinda feel stupid about the situation, like I can tell she likes me, my concsious is getting to me about it.   Is this because of the type of game I am running with these chicks, Im not really sure.  The other thing is that Im not opposed to a relationship, its just I kinda want someone who looks really attractive.  Also, the connection could be stronger for me as well, also I just really wnat to bang alot more chicks in general.  Is this stupid? .   

She hasn't asked to be exclusive but I once did this sort of thing with a girl and she just stayed quiet because she didnt want to push me and wanted me to make the move, ended up bangin her for a while until she actaully wanted something and got hurt in the process.   So is it better that I just lay down that law from the beginning and just tell the chick straight out that you dont want anything, or are there other ways of doing this with your actions.  Like alot of these girls assume Im a whore and stuff which I think is good so if they find out I am then its not like they didnt know.  Like do you just stop talking to them as you keep gaming.  What are some situations of breaking it off or letting it slide when new chicks come around?  

I havent heard much info on this since everywhere in game they mostly talk about just getting the lay but not really how to handle the situation afterwards. Everyones thoughts would be cool,  I think this could be a good discussion

That Bob Marley quote always gets to me:  "The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her"

Or am I just being a huge pussy about it?  


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