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I guess this gets asked a lot but what are some things you guys do differently during the day when approaching girls?

What differences have you noticed in general other than what you do? for instance in the way she reacts, how you feel etc.

I tried daygame for the first time about a week ago and it felt really good just getting it done and making it part of my reality.

I need to consolidate it by doing it more and more; and become that guy for whom daygame is an everyday normality.

Things I noticed:

1. Speaking with low energy (but enough volume) as well as speaking calm and slow can be very good and perhaps even better than going in with high energy.

2. The 'reward' for having the balls to approach is way higher if you can execute it without awkwardness compared to nightgame

3. Time constraints help a lot for the girl to relax.

4. Statements of empathy such as "Don't worry I'm not crazy"   "don't panic I'm not trying to sell you anything.. but" help a lot. Not just for the girl but I found that it helps me funnily enough

5. Showing intent actually makes the set wayyy less awkward because it is so obvious anyways why you approached. It becomes kinda creepy and weird if you do not make your intentions clear verbally or non-verbally.

6. Standing still with a girl by a street corner/ standing right in front of her can look very gamey and put pressure on the girl. Standing at a slight angle or moving her/ sitting with her makes her more comfortable.

7. Numbers can be a way of choding out of instant dates. My reality needs to see this as a genuine possibility.

I think in many ways, daygame is purer than club game. There is something more exciting about seducing a girl that is not 'ready' to be seduced.

Anyways I definitely intend to explore this deeper as i should, and wanted to share my thoughts/ ask about your experiences!


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