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Joined: 11/15/2013

After living in south america the last couple of months i've become more assertive, and much more prone to show disapproval, sometimes a bit agressively. 

Some examples:

A girl came to our party and acted really rude and strange, i called her out on it and really destroyed her. After a while she got really horny and started abusing me when i was trying to sleep on the couch lol. I never let my mind get angry though, calm as fuck all the time.

Me and a friend were walking home after leaving some chicks at their place. 4 guys start following us agressively (probably trying to rob us or something) with some stones in their hand. I grab a bottle and tell them to fuck off. Calm all the time but the way i said it i sounded VERY ANNOYED and it probably intimidated them, and that's when they stopped following us.

Even when some guy doesn't respect traffic rules i will sometimes shout "fuck you" lol. 

Yeah i could go on with examples but my point is before i would probably just be like "meh i dont care" in most situations and even when i did show disapproval i would probably never had shown any signs of "annoyance" or "anger" or whatever is the right word, and now i'm more likely to. 

So what do you guys think is the right way to deal with these situations and how do you show disapproval with strong emotional projection without being reactive.