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The mind is like a crazy spinning top completely disconnected from Reality. In goes experience and out comes crazy nonsense and insane delusions and wack beliefs. (Well mine does anyway ;) It's like a troublesome imp on your shoulder that says nice pretty things to you and you want to believe it's real, and then at the worst possible time it spews garbage everywhere. Fuck the imp. Get rid of the mind, the seemingly good thoughts AND the bad. You don't need a map, the territory is right there. Several times during training Manwhore told me to drop all the mental nonsense, I didn't fully get it even after listening to Tolle for a while. To become Present you don't need to achieve radio silence in your head, just stop paying attention to your thoughts and emotions, they're ALL wrong, even the ones that seem nice and boost your ego. In fact those ones in particular. The mind does not need to be defeated, you can just ignore it.