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Eagle and Switzerland Hindie Text exchange: "Save the dinner"

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Joined: 12/19/2013

So my bro Eagle he get a lot of sandwiches from girls. A lot. But this girl was only texting in english and that put him a little bit off.

So I guide him through it.

By the way this girl we meet her in Marquee, the same night MW come up to me to clarify our mutual love blushheart. Nostalgia

Me: Nightclub "Palais M"... tonight...


Her: Are u going?


Me: No no i invite you but i don't go... are you fucking with me ?!!


Me: Of course dumbass

Me: Come tonight !

Me: So you are in Paris and you don't call me... hummm okkkk

Her: Im with my schoolfriends

Me: And so what ?!

Me: Come with them !

Her: I dont want to fuck u!!!!

Me: What do you mean... ? I was not expecting that... you pervert.

#Reframe on her face#

Her: U asked me first u are pervert

Me: I ask you to go out... not to fuck... demon !

Me: I go out with some girlfriends of mine that i have to drive home !... you look like you lost your amazing vibe of vegas damn !!

#Keep the pressure of her to look like what she is#

Her: Hmm okey my bad! Missunderstand u! What was the clubs name again?

Me: "Palais Maillot"... it's a good nightclub in Paris, you might love it. If you afraid you can to come with your schoolfriends

Her: Okey i will write u if i come

Me: Nice ! If we don't catch up tonight we can to take a drink before you leave

Her: Hmmm okey just for a drink

Me: You have a problem with sex... why are you speaking about this all the time ?

#Keep it fresh in her head (sex) and reverse the frame on her again#

Her: Im not talking about this!!!!!

Her: U missunderstand me

Me: Normaly when you lie does it work... ?

#She, of course, come up to the club Beautiful as she is with 2 girlfriends of her. And we proceed to be us meaning we got 3 - 4 groups of girls on us. We leave at 3am for the Fashion Week next day also call "The Hotties Convention"#


Her: Where are u guys i was looking after u

Me: Me too !! Last night we leaved because i didn't find you... have a good flight, i hope we will have a party like that with your friends again...

Me: Maybe in Switzerland ahah

Her: I just was on the toilette sorry! Yeah we leave tomorrow! Because of the train delay! maybe we meet us again in paris next time or in swiss

Anyways my boy send all this texts with me next to him and I was saying to him:

"The ONLY purpose of text game is to see her again, now you can't just talk about the meeting but this is the goal."

"Don't bring up sex in the conversation. Why ? Every guys do it. It spook her. It work against the goal by making her uncomfortable seeing you in person which is nothing for a guy but HUGE for a girl"

"Don't be gay keep your King frame but make her at ease."

MW was on my mind all the time thanks buddy.