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Example of the Catholic Church Destroying Charisma & Self-Expression to Maintain Its Control

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It's very interesting to see things like this. If you guys aren't aware already, the mainstream shy timid "beta male" is just a socially-conditioned set of beliefs and behaviors. It's not any sort of true defining human condition. Even this macho stoic emotionless version of modern masculinity is just a product of the last 200 years or so of western culture. E.g. the "wild wild west", two World Wars, a century of conflict, imperialism, etc. 

This is a perfect example of the Catholic Church (ironically one of the most "evil" organizations in human history) demonizing charisma and self-expression to get rid of the competition.

Speech of Satan to his Legions… (with Gestures)

systemofelocutio00com_0194 (1)


A series of diagrams from A System of Elocution, with Special Reference to Gesture, to the Treatment of Stammering, and Defective Articulation (1846) by Andrew Comstock. To illustrate the proper gestures to adopt when public speaking Comstock has a figure enact out a section from Milton’s Paradise Lost, in which Satan, expelled from Heaven and finding himself in Hell, delivers a speech to awaken his legions. 

A physician and professor of elocution at the Vocal and Polyglot Gymnasium in Philadelphia, Comstock was hugely influential in the burgeoning science of elocution in mid-nineteenth-century America. Amongst other boasts, he invented his own phonetic alphabet to improve the speech of his pupils, an alphabet which was also used to transcribe documents, including the New Testament.

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