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Don't know if this can relate to anyone, but I'm posting anyways. If people have been at this stage in their game, please give feedback on how to progress:


3 sets:

Goal: No goal.

Went to LA with my RSD pal.

1. Saw wing talking to two good looking girls when I walked in. Came over to him and introduced myself. Had good connection off the bat with the best looking of them. Was pretty man-to-woman, and put in some kino. It seemed like wing didn’t have that much connection with the other chic, and he said he was getting a drink. I felt kind in between as I was left with both girls and my wing bounced, took the easy out and bounced to.

2. Me and wing was talking out on the patio and two chics were standing close to us. He opened them and started talking to one, so I started chatting up the other one. I was very man to woman right away, and I could feel a good tension between us (she was a 6, not to good looking). I teased her, and called her an asshole and shit and then flipped it and said I would come with her to Mexico and we would get married and stuff. Good response, though her English was very basic. I got her number, and said afterparty a couple of times, but then it kind of died down as there are only so many times you can tease somebody about their language skill and ethniticity.

3. Three good looking Phillipino chics were standing in a group. Opened them. Good vibes, felt man to woman. Teased. Kiss on the chic while taking pictures. A couple of takeaways. Tried making out, no success. More tease. Got the number of the chic that I was talking to. Afterparty, afterparty, afterparty. Left, danced with set #2 (kind of awkward). Opened some other chics. Came back. When the club was closing they went outside first, and I texted the girl telling her to wait for me. She waited for 10 min. When I came outside I was a little nervous about leading them/her to my car and get them back to my hotel, so came across a little incongruent when I suggested that. Instead they said we should go to a bar. Went to the bar and stayed for a couple of hours, at which point it got a little awkward, though the chic I was talking to was rubbing my leg and shit (my wing told me I should have pulled her to the bathroom, which would have been a great idea). We bounced, I took them home, made out with the chic I had been talking to and then bounced.


Clear in your intent


Assume sex

1 positive thing:

Stayed grounded