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Feeling so good, just went out and did whatever I wanted and went totally freedom of outcome with my texting. Got this little text convo, just not sure how to reply. Wanted to give maybe 1 more text and bounce out to help increase attraction or something. Here's the convo!

Me: Hm, out of all the (her name)'s I know.. You're my favorite. (last night, opener/value giving text)
Her: Hahaha but u only kmow one ! (7:04am)
Me: Noo, there's the smoke show from (work), the suuuper cute one that plays baseball, the sloppy kisser from new years ;)... And then you... :p (some push pull, wasn't planning on replying originally) (1:09pm)
Her: Hahahhaa oh good god. Sloppy really? Lol (passive shit test?)(1:10pm)
Me: Blame it on the goose, gotcha feelin' loose (music emoji) ;) (Was just having fun) (1:13pm)
Her: Well I don't remember but for reals hope it wasn't that bad hahhahaha (qualifying self?, she was blackout that night lol..but all over me) (1:18pm)

I never replied cause I wasnt sure what to say. What do you guys recommend? Can't go for meet up as she's going to a concert tonight plus I'm trying to spark interest.


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