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Joined: 02/09/2015

Last weekend's been a lil cray. Going out, crashing at friend's place, going to work and not being home for a couple of days doing that cycle.

Highlights of the week: Made out with 3 girls, 2 of whom are good leads but haven't closed due to shit logistics, the other didn't close for same reason but I was making out/fingering her outside the club 10 mins from hello she completely flaked. Also been crushing it at my sales job. I had been getting 6-9 sales a week. Last two days I got 8 sales. The improvement in sales definitely came from coaching I got from the top salesman in my company as well as coaching I got from MW, they were saying a lot of the same things (convey authority) from different angles and in different words and examples. Basically people feel what you feel and how you convey that has a lot to do with how you speak. You have to speak as if you're extremely certain of what you're offering has a lot of value. It's also a quality of leadership. Most people walk around with uncertainty, if you can feel and project certainty it's something that's missing in most people's lives that they value and so they will want to follow.

One of the girls I made out with was because of my improvement in my vocal projection but more indirectly lol. She's new at my job and she saw me close sale after sale when she wasn't. She tells me she hates me and that I'm taking all the good people. I tell her no, it's all in how I'm pitching. I tell her to pitch me. I then explain to her she has to feel conviction and project that excitement and conviction of knowing you're giving someone a fucking steal and that they'd have to be crazy not to want to take it. I pitch her to show her and she gets it. She's showing IOIs asks me what I'm doing after work, I tell her let's go get food and drinks. We go to a restaurant when we sit I tell her she's my (company name) girlfriend and I grab her hand. She falls in line with this instantly. I'm calling her boo, she tells me she wants me to call her baby and aks me what I would her to call me.

Me: Master.

Her: No. How about Sir.

Me: No. Call me Master.

Her: How about blah blah

Me: No, call me master.

Her: Okay Master :)

She's really cute 5'2" fat ass, big boobs, works out, cute. She's a little socially miscalibrated though. Kind of reminds me of when I was 18 in that at that age I was breaking out of my shell trying pushing myself to be more outgoing and meet people. She doesn't seem to get sarcasm and is a little over intense/serious. Like I was playfully saying she's my gf and she's taking it on too seriously which was a bit of a turnoff.

We get food, I'm not hungry so I'm just sippin on my beer. She stars putting food on my plate, tells me she likes to serve her man. Raging boner. For some reason when girls serve me food I find it really attractive.

We work together so I'll slow play this plus logistics are shit right now for me. Living with my folks, this girl is too. She asked me all these questions though like if my folks were cool, so I think she's pretty much already planning on coming and sleeping over. My concern is she might be a stage 5 clinger though and I don't feel completely at ease with her knowing where I live and meeting my parents lol. But I had a ragging boner like 70% of the time we were grabbing food so I dunno how much of a factor that will be in detering me. This was Saturday night.

Girl I fingered, Thurs Night (2 nights prior):

Friend invites me to a venue he's going to. I get there. Shit it's a club. I don't like clubs. I go in, don't approach, don't dance. I realize I'm thinking about what other people are doing, what I "should" be doing, instead of just allowing myself to just be. I let myself just be and do whatever I feel like doing instead of "you should approach", I become much more relaxed, present, natural. I talk to a bouncer, he likes me let's me sneak up to the other venue it's connected to. I feel no pressure to approach but also no desire to do it either.

This part here was a key point I would like to highlight: I considered it might be possible I didn't want to approach just because I didn't have momentum. I approach a girl who I saw looking at me several times. After I approached her it was like a 180 degree switch, now I was excited to approach. I approach several people, I talk to a group of girls. They heard about the club downstairs, I tell them they can get in through this venue. They follow me, we walk right through.

I see this really cute girl walking in. I approach her. Her friend jumps in and tells me that's her girlfriend. I don't look at him but out of my peripheral vision I can feel from his and her energy that they're just friends. I keep talking to her as if that didn't happen. Girl doesn't jump to his frame, I can see he feels a kinda dumb. She's graduating and it's her birthday. I normally don't buy drinks but I had an impulse to buy her one so I did. We're waiting for drinks, I grab her had as I talk to her, she caresses it back I make out with her. We get our drinks. I still have her hand in mine and ask her if she smokes, she does, I tell her I know the bouncer (had just met him that night, made a point to remember his name) and that he told me of a place we could stash our drinks. We stash them, I introduce the girl to the bouncer, I repeat his name back to him to let him know he's a human being to me.

We walk outside, I have her up against the wall, making out with her. I'm making out with her, I stick my hands down her jeans, she's wet. She doesn't resist. I'm thinking I have shit logistics so I better try to lay some groundwork to improve chances of sleeping with her in the future, I realize I'm at like 1% chance of seeing her right now. We talk more, I tell her what I like about her. She tells me I must say this to every girl (this keeps coming up from girls). We take a pic together, she snaps it real quickly to three people pretty sure they're all dudes, I'm like hahaha you're trying to make all these guys jealous. I tell her I'm taking her with me and ask her where she lives. She's excited but says she can't go back to her place, asks where I live. I'm an hour away. Her home town though is like 5 minutes from where I live. I get her number. Again I figure this is great now but like a 1% chance of not being a flake. I qualify her, tell her I like that she doesn't go out to clubs, I don't normally go out here but my friend didn't tell me it was a club, I'll only get her number if she's going to meet up cause we did just meet and didn't know each other very well. I also figure her friends are going to slut shame her unless I'm more of  a real person to them and have them being like yeah he was cool. So I catch up with them later, introduce myself to her friends. Tell her friend that I like her and want to see her again in the future.

Hit her up next day flake, no response, as expected. I'm going to go HAM on the self-amusement, but in short bursts. I don't expect a response right away but I think this will shift it. Basically I talked to my lesbian friend a year ago about girls and she told me the number one insecurity women have is that guys are only interested in relating/talking/meeting up with them to have sex with them and they don't like them or care for them on a personal level. So they do a lot of shit to try to get guys to invest in them (pay for drinks, dates, etc) to quell their insecurity and weed out guys who aren't interested in them but just want sex. So anyways when I'm bored or hitting up girls I'm going to hit her up with random shit.

My intention is to convey that

1. I'm interested enough in her to be persistent

2. Convey I'm not needy by being self-amused and doing it sporadically

3. Invite her out to cool shit so it's like oh he's out and about, knows people, has friends, etc

Talked to my natural friend about this he was like dude why the fuck didn't you just get a hotel room or something. True. Would have been expensive as hell but def an option in the future. Looking back at interaction I should have asked her where she lived again, then told her wow I live right next to that too. GPS'd it to her room and tried to fuck her in her apartment, pulled car over to fuck somewhere not obvious or gotten a hotel room.


Wake up from Thursday. Go to other friend's place, chill for a bit, take a shower. Another friend texts me about a huge event going on tonight, over 6k people are expected to be there, open field, live music, food, beer. The friend who's place I'm at has to go to work. He advertises a prominent beer brand, he does this by going to different bars and buying people free beer. I invite a guy friend who's great with cold approaching and a few girls to come out. GPS directs me to the wrong location, it's a cute bartender by herself alone at the bar. We shoot the shit, she tells me about events in the venue and about a cool guy who works at the place I'm looking for. Seems like a cool place where hipster chicks probably go out to pick up guys. Based on what the bartender said seems the venue seems to have an awesome local culture between the surrounding bars and people are cool as fuck there, will def check out.

I leave and go to the end of the block and see a group of like 8 people. Half guys, half girls, they're standing around like they're not from the area. I bust in with a lot of energy, ask them what they're up to, what brings them out that day. They're from New Jersey, here for the weekend. I tell them to come inside, my friend's giving out free beers for promo. They come in with me, I start chatting them up. My friend comes down and joins us, we start chatting up the group. One of the girls steps up, starts qualifying herself. I get one of the guy's number, tell them about different events in the city, tell them maybe we'll hang out later. They leave to drop their stuff off and get ready to go out. I approach these two girls by the bar, my friend joins in. One of them is really hot. They're from Cali here for the hot girl's boyfriend's graduation. We agree to show them around the city and day drink with them on Monday. My friend leaves, the girls leave shortly after. I hit those girls up today but it was too late, they had already left. Got their FB info from girl though and very firm invite to hit them up if I'm ever in the area and that they'd hit me up if they came back in the area. Same thing with guy from Jersey said he was super excited about coming down after having a blast (I told him to go to a the best venue on Saturday night where they met up with my friend who's great at cold approach and meeting people). I'm working on building up social circles so I can go out any night of the week and have a blast without having to rely on my city to be hoping. Cause it's not unless it's Friday and Saturday and some Thursdays depending on where you go.

I meet up with a girl whom I met two Decembers ago.

My Hail Mary game is fucking strong (hitting up random girls you met once a long time ago after a short interaction to meet up). I've reached out to 4 girls who I met last summer all 4 were responsive and wanting to meet up and I've met up with 2, the others I haven't tried much to meet up but have shown strong signs of being down to meet up. This other girl I met over a year ago went on a date a few weeks ago after over a year.

I feel like there might be something to making a good impression and then hitting them up a long time after (especially if you have whatsapp and a good picture to remind them of you). I think it addresses the insecurity girls have that you're only interested in sex and don't actually like them because you kept their number and after sooo long you remembered them and hit them up. I think it also builds you up in some way like you're mysterious, coming out of the blue guy who it's easier for them to begin to project positive qualities/fantasy if you made a strong first impression and they'll want to see you just to fulfill their curiosity.

Anyways we go out, I'm tired as fuck. She invites a guy out with her. I stick around a little longer to determine if she's sleeping with this guy and she's trying to play me or what the deal is. He tries to DHV basically by saying provider shit and I realize he doesn't have game and prob not sleping with her. We get to a club, she's feminine, engaged and energetic with me and friendly but not as engaged with him. Cool I got my answer.  A friend of mine comes down, I'm thinking terrible logistics at this venue and it's a dance club, no point stayin there.we bounce to a different venue after a drink. Ends up being pretty good night but we drank too much to be able to run good game. But we had a great fucking night and some real talk about life when we got back. Took me a couple days to recover from those two nights.

Snapchat/Social Media Game:

I started working on my Snapchat game and will be working on my IG game soon. Basically it's like residual income vehicle but for girls. Lets a girl who was into you begin to check you out, your life and get a sense of who you are so she's more likely to want to feel like she knows you and will have fun with you. With Snapchat, I started upping random fun unfolding throughout the night with friends, random girls, etc. Had a girl I hooked up with at a party like 10 years ago when I came back home from college freshman year hitting me up.

I also had this other girl I hooked up with last year start randomly sending me cute pictures of her on snapchat. I started texting her too a few weeks ago, I told her I was bored and wanted to do something on a Sunday. Then I tell her something like "lol I got bored" and a screenshot of woman from my company asking me if I know she's married and on the next lines me and her sexting. She unfriended me like that day or a few days after. But not because she doesn't want to talk, I think she wants to disconnect me from her social circle so she can fuck me and not know about her bf/guy situation and not have her bf find out about me.

I think if I had added that girl from the club on snapchat or IG (and if my IG account didn't suck balls) it could have been the difference between her not responding at all and her being more responsive. Now that I'm on it, I'm seeing how every hot young girls glued to IG/Snapchat it's really the next level and everyone should be getting on this if they're trying to bang 18-25 year olds.

That is all, just wanted to brain dump this to mark where I'm at and for anyone who might get something valuable from this too. Cheers guys.