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Funny example of masculine polarity can change a girls behavior (two texts convos occurring 5 months apart)

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So I met this girl at a carnival with a buddy of mine. We rode some rides with them for a few hours and exchanged numbers. This was August. Long story short we got one of the girls out and she brought friend yet my "girl" would not come and hang, she wanted nothing to do with me. As you will see the texting from August blows, but when I texted her recently it was another story. The "im pregnant with your child"  opener is just copy and pasted but it was still cool to see how different she acted with me. There is some behind the scenes gaming going on since she see's me on social media n shit, but still some pretty amazing contrast from August to now.


Me: Hey (name) its (name) from the carnival

Me: or you may also know me as (name) lol (crying laughing emoji)

Her: lol hey sorry

Her: whatsup?

Me: just ate a bunch of food so chillen like a fatass :)

Her: lol nice

Her: any special occasion hahaha

Me: I was on my way to the beach and was sitting in traffic all day so I was obnoxiously hungry :)

Her: lmao

Her: thats reason enough

Her: what beach

Me: (I explain where it is in simple terms)

few days go by:

Me: Where were you the other night :)

Me: we missed you

Her: hey sorry ive been working a lot

Me: no worries its that time of year to make cash before school  :)

Me: whats up :)


Me: I think im pregnant with your child

her: it cant be

Her: how many weeks has it been

Her: is it a boy or girl??

Me: two twin lil girls

Me: girl..! your awfully late on the child support payments as well   <----doesn't even make sense, but it has authority to it

Her: you never told me

Her: I had a say

Me: you owe me ice cream

Her: your right

Her: just say when

Me: how bout tomorrow, whats your sched lookin like

Her: that might be difficult considering im in (state)

Her: (crying laughing emoji)

Me: aww shit id fly down but these gawd damn kids...

Me: when yah coming back

Her: lolol

Her: the 14th!

Me: k. homie Ill hit yah up when yer home

Her: :)