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Joined: 04/20/2013

What's up guys, some feedback on this shit would be appreciated. Met this girl on Okcupid

Me: Hey you're that cash money life girl yo(she had this on her profile) I am guessing you are the one on the right on your profile pic (she has a pic of her with a cat) If so there is one more thing we need to know here cat lady: red or white?

12 days later..

Her: RED

Me: alright, whatcha up to tonight snowbunny

Her: hmm not much and you?

Me: Just chillin like a villain and hunting for groceries

Me: You're stunning, what's your background?

Her: that's fun!

Her: I'm armenian and yours?

Me: That's awesome. I'm a sweet mix of mango and passionfruit

Me: But I'd like to meet you. I just hope you're not a loud chewer

Me: Don't think I could handle that

Her: I still dont know wheere youre from haha

Me: Hahah I'm from the land of the lioness. Let's discuss our backgrounds and other unrelated subjects with a drink and a few cookies

Me: Afterwards we can feed the ducklings to promote a healthy ecosystem. So when are you free?

Her: That sounds like a solid plan! Usually in the weekends

Me: Cool, let's meet on sunday then at around 5

3 days later...she hasn't replied yet

Me: Hey you there cat lady, I just ate massive amounts of sushi, my stomach is bloated and I still don't know whether you're gonna be there sunday

Me: Shoot me your number. I don't use this okcupid thing much. Let's figure out a day

3 days later..still no reply

Me: It's fine, I didn't like your haircut anyway

Her: kTHEN

I have a feeling the texting here was kinda retarded but surprisingly she went for the meetup initially. Any feedback on this or how to take it further would really be appreciated!