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Gasoline Alley Movie Review: Starring Luke Wilson, Devon Sawa & Bruce Willis

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I thoroughly enjoyed Gasoline Alley from start to finish.

It was a solid revenge flick, featuring stand-out performances from both Luke Wilson and surprise, surprise.. Devon Sawa.. a child "teenage heartthrob" actor returned as an adult to the world of cinema, who put in a borderline superb performance as a tattoo artist and son of a dead cop, framed for murders he may or may not have committed.

Devon wore his character's calm unspoken tough guy exterior like a second skin, and the kinds of interactions he had with people and the relationships he formed with them were highly accurate and endearing. It's not very often Hollywood attempts to show this side of the tough guy ensemble, but Sawa pulled it off very well.

There was also a particularly telling scene at a producer's "house party" where Jimmy Jayne instinctively and unhesitatingly demonstrated the difference between a fake posturing sycophant and an authentic "leading man" in search of answers no matter the level of tension or cost. Of course I am not unaware of the inherent irony here, but the scene was well played.

Another component of the role I found very entertaining and accurate was his character's escalation of force as the plot developed and the intrigue and danger began to thicken. There were multiple points I could even feel it as he navigated it, the steely undercurrent of pressure he actively downplayed and suppressed as sh*t went sideways and the violence came at him.

I was quite impressed with Devon Sawa in this role, I don't know what else he's got in his acting bag, but if it's anything like what he pulled off in Gasoline Alley I'd be down to watch it.

The only question mark I found was in Jimmy Jayne's relationship with his actor "buddy", though after discovering what this character was actually into, it might actually make more sense in retrospect.

Luke Wilson's role was also extremely well-crafted, and some of the scenes and lines of "unintentional comedy" were hilarious. Luke Wilson's wise-cracking/tough cop/heart of gold juxtaposition was very intuitive, and dare I say, accurate.

The backup singer sidekick was also a very unique darling of a character.

The array of bad guys was very good, I thought it knocked the lineup from "The Usual Suspects" clean out of the water. There were some serious fu*king assholes in this mix, some bizarre characterizations of evil and sleaze that genuinely rubbed me raw.

I think the best part of the film was the fact the plot concerned itself with placing the blame SQUARELY where it belonged... on dirty shit stain cops, sleazy "producers", and the fake bravado these "bad actors" cop which is actually repulsive to the "constituents" they claim to represent. There've been some recent real life examples of this as well. Canadian Trudeau's fake woke posturing cleverly disguising a tyrannical disposition is one. The head prosecuting attorney in Kyle Rittenhouse's trial is another perfect example of the type of asshole given tenure in a role who then stupidly and arrogantly abuses his feduciary duty- in his case to uphold the Constitution as a lawyer. Prostitution, a major theme in Gasoline Alley, is the only way a guy like this prosecuting attorney could ever hope to achieve the level of "success", with women or otherwise, he lays claim to with his emotional socialist posturing. And that's the point. It's cheating, he's cheating. And everyone knows it.

And this is why Gasoline Alley did so poorly with reviewers. There are plenty of Hollywood types and corrupt leftists in the legal industry who are VERY sensitive to those who call attention to their faults. They don't yet control these industries, but their attempts to will only result in the ruination of these industries. And that's also the point. These are destructive influences masquerading as concerned interests.

Lastly.. it seems the Chinese infiltration of Hollywood has now turned its sights on, ruining movie plots on their wiki pages as a continuation of their secretive efforts to subvert and undermine the traditional male-centric movie industry. Chinese and communist influence is already highly rampant on, I suppose such an obnoxious and petty scheme is well within the range of their complete lack of awareness of how a functional industrial society successfully operates. We shall see


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