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The "Gender Identity as Protected Class" Portion of Dem's "Bipartisan" Infrastructure Bill Would Mean Game Over for America

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This means anyone can claim any sort of gender and then claim insult and injury and damages against any organization they target. It would be full out "socialist" warfare in the U.S. court and legal system.

It will DESTROY our legal system. It will destroy employment in the United States. It will destroy our military. It will sabotage and destroy our classrooms. It will utterly warp and reshape the social fabric of our society that could never hope to match the groveling incessant needs of anyone with a proclaimed psychosis who's now been weaponized with legal grounds to attack anyone or any organization they don't like. 

This infrastructure bill is utterly the design of foreign influences in our government trying to destroy our country in one fell swoop.

These are full on brazen attacks on the sovereignty of the United States of America. This bill literally details the socialist invasion of the United States and its downfall. It is a written record of legal sabotage on how to destroy a nation's sovereignty.


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