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Joined: 04/20/2012

After breaking it off for a while we met up a couple months ago. We caught up over lunch, smoothed things over a bit and I got a BJ at my place. Which was pretty interesting because she came over NOT looking to fuck, in fact probably had the exact opposite intention. She was a little unshaven and her outfit was fort fucking knox.

Since then we've just been keeping in touch. More recently shes been wanting to hang out more and last week she asked to crash at my place for an event she was going to. I meet up with her half way thru and we have fun for a bit. There was a dude she worked with there and he was following us around like a lost puppy so we're all dancing and she wants to bounce back to my place. Not much time till the end of the night and the dance floor just got bumping so I wasn't too interested in leaving. She makes mention her and her mom had some drama the day before and wanted to let her hair down. Thats cool, so we head back to my place and talk for a bit. We make out and end up passing out. No worries, we have plans together that day so Im going to go for it in the morning or afterwards. Afterwards comes and its horrible timing but an emergency kind of comes up and I get screwed over by logisitics, she can't come back to my place.

I talked to her a couple days later and she invites me to come hangout with her saturday (yesterday), she'll sleep over and then we'll chill on sunday. She tells me she'll let me know her plans when she figures them out. Here is where I get a little pissed off. I don't end up hearing from her until late on saturday and she tells me she can't sleep over cause her parents need her to do something on sunday. Ghey. On the phone I told her I didn't want to just chill for an hour before she has to go home as my friend is in town and I wanted to visit him. This is basically what inadvertently ends up happening. 

There was a change of plans last minute and I get pretty irritated as I watch my saturday night blow up in front me. I call her out on it and she apologizes, not much I can do at this point and we end up being able to chill for a 2-3 hours so its not too bad in the end. We start to makeout and I undo my jeans, I put her hand on my boner "See what you did." I kneel over her and start to pull it out. This was pretty much the exact same move as last time we hooked up haha. She pulls the e-brake "wait I don't think we should." Then "last tme I had sex was here." I thought that was a very intriguing and but still not completely sure what she meant by it. I don't know if she regretted the last time or what - what do you guys make of that.

I finish pulling it out, look down at it and say "..but..." She looks at it quickly, looks away and got really vunerable and just mumbled "I know" disappointedly. I put it back and lay back beside her. We have some pillow talk and shes looking real sexy snuggling into me. Shes starts getting heavy eyes and I start manhandling her body. Eventually I have her pulled into me while feeling up her bottom, shes not wearing any panties and I start fingering her from the back. Game over at this point. I pull out my dick again and put her hand on it. She is retardedly tight and it takes a bit of work to get it in. I finger and eat her out a little before I get on top of her and she guides it in. I start slow and she takes it like a champ. It was really hot sex, I grab her face and force eye contact. Once things get going I have one hand on her shoulder and one the hips, pulling her down every thurst and shes digging her nails into my ass until I finish. 

We don't have too much time after that till she had to bounce. We cherish for a bit, I walk her to her car and that is that.